How The Strap Saver Was Born

The Strap Saver was designed to fix a problem: expensive bras and bathing suits tossed in the trash because of wear on only one part – the strap.

Today, most women don’t sew and even if they do, they have to find someone else to pin the fabric (it’s hard to pin yourself, ouch!). Together with the help of some smart engineering types, Shari Deutsch and Beth Lieberman set out to find the perfect no-sew bra strap repair solution.

The Strap Saver turned out to be the perfect little device and Beth and Shari are the perfect ones to bring it to market. Shari Deutsch has experience with both marketing and media, creating content for BET, Comedy Central and The Discovery Channel. She also runs her own production company and consults on branding and marketing. She is “The Grand Boobah” and the woman in charge. Beth Lieberman excels at developing creative concepts and graphic designs. She is responsible for the beautiful design of everything Strap Saver (including this website) and has been dubbed “The Creative Mastermind”.

They’re both graduates of Syracuse University (Go Cuse!) where they met many years ago (nope, not telling how many) and have joined forces to bring you The Strap Saver. Their focus is on functionality, durability and design. The Strap Saver is made of ceramic-coated 18-gauge stainless steel and its sleek design doesn’t show under clothes. Shari and Beth continue to develop new Strap Savers and hope to have a clear plastic version on the market by bathing suit season. They look forward to spreading the happiness that comes with owning The Strap Saver. Everyone enjoys saving a little money by extending the life of something they already own and having their boobs at just the right height.

To learn more about them and follow the progress of The Strap Saver, check out the latest news.

Corset Confessions


Amazing! Bra stays better and fits better. You just need it!


Now I can get more wear from my bras!


It stayed where it was placed! Boobs were higher and felt like they were where they should be.


You’ll never again have to get rid of your favorite bra because the straps are stretched out!