Red bra on a clothesline with clothespins with hearts on them, text reads fall in love with our sale

Sale Around The World on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

While that marks the start of my favorite season (chocolate bunny), it also means it is time for annual sale! Once again, we’re marking down all of our Strap Savers by 20%. Yes, that still includes our “save $5 for every additional pair” pricing. The first Strap Saver is $12.50 and each additional pair is $8. We still have free first class shipping in the US and $2 anywhere else in the world. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation will still receive 5% of all sales. Woo hoo!

For our international customers, I’ve spent some time doing some serious math. We’re going to cover all of Valentine’s Day, from Auckland, New Zealand to Honolulu, Hawaii! We won’t limit your opportunity to save because you happen to live on the other side of the globe. The sale will actually run 8AM on Wednesday, February 13th to 6AM ET on Friday, February 15th at 5AM ET.

Like last year, we’re not going to require a coupon code to receive the discount. We really hate games with sales. It is simple – you buy, we apply the discount, and you get a custom fit from your favorite strappy clothes.

To recap:

Annual Sale

2/13 6AM ET to 2/15 5AM ET

20% off the entire site (excluding gift certificates)

No coupon required!

Although our sale will technically be 47 hours long, it only happens once a year. Don’t miss your chance to stock up and save. Bathing suit season is in full swing/right around the corner – depending on your hemisphere! Your straps deserve a little love this Valentine’s day.

drawing of hands wringing out fabric with water dripping from it, text: no more rinsing

Confessions of a Former Machine Washer

Two hands wringing the water out of a pink piece of clothing with the text no more rinsing

I’ve never liked hand washing my lingerie. It felt like a dreaded chore, similar to having to take out the trash on a freezing cold night, after you’re already in bed. My only experiences were with Woolite, which mean rinsing over and over until all of the suds were gone. I even wrote a post about ways to care for your bras without getting your hands dirty (clean?) to ease my guilt of not taking the time to take better care of my delicates.  You’d think it would be easier to do what I know is right than to assemble a list of work-arounds (which are all good ideas, I promise!) but sometimes I’m a bit stubborn. (ok, maybe not only sometimes.)

This year, at CurvExpo, I met Jacqueline Sava of Soak, a no-rinse lingerie wash. I had heard of these types of detergents, but I’m not sure I fully understood the concept (given the description, not a clue how I missed it…). Jacqueline explained that it was as simple as the product name. The directions were to soak my bras per the instructions and then hang them to try.  No endless rinsing required.

I have used Euclan, another no-rinse wash, which I picked up at Sweetest Sin, my favorite lingerie store. Unfortunately, I was using it in the washing machine which was still prematurely aging my bras with the harsh conditions of the agitator. Even in cold water. Even in lingerie bags. Even with the proper detergent.

Looking back, I think the second hardest leap for me (after the rinsing) was putting my bras in the sink, the same place where I spit toothpaste. Sure, I could clean the sink, but it would never *feel* clean enough. One day it hit me, I could use a plastic tub and quarantine my bras from any potential saliva residue (which is touted as an option on both websites, but I never bothered to look). I set out to try the no-rinse washes right away! It worked just as described, without a residual sud in sight.

I’ve tried both Soak and Euclan and like them both. Hurray Kimmay, one of our lingerie gurus, touted the benefits of Soak on Rachel Ray recently. I trust her judgement. Angela, the owner of Sweetest Sin, has impeccable taste and if she stocks Euclan, it must be good. Jacqueline recommended that I put the different washes in water and then see how they feel on my hand. (which I have not done yet)

My recommendation is to give one or both a try!  I know that they cost more than regular laundry detergent, but quality bras are costly as well. We’re all about extending the life of our lingerie here at The Strap Saver, which sometimes means spending a little more now to save later.

Have you tried the no-rinse lingerie washes?  If so, what do you think?

Also – thank you to both Soak and Euclan for clearly stating “a minimum of 15 minutes” on their website – making it clear that when I get caught up writing a blog entry and my bras stay submerged for 30 minutes or more, I haven’t done any damage.