Woman modeling her little black dress

Preempt that Holiday Party LBD Emergency

Woman modeling her little black dress

Holiday party season is almost is here – including the much-anticipated ones with friends and the dreaded office party – where you’re expected to have fun, but not too much fun. BOR-RING! But, of course, you can’t skip it. Attendance is expected – and should include some hanging with your coworkers, watered-down drinks and general schmoozing of the suits and their spouses from the 18th floor… and then there’s Pat from HR.

Yummy, adorable, Pat from HR. Pat, who doesn’t seem to notice that you only have questions about your benefits when no one else is in the office. Pat, who hasn’t figured out that it’s not a coincidence that you always manage to take lunch at almost the same time and aren’t you just so friendly to always extend an invitation to your table in the lunchroom? And since HR is responsible for throwing the company holiday party, you know Pat is required to attend!  Here’s a perfect opportunity for stupid Pat to finally notice you workin’ it on the dance floor so maybe suddenly the thought of seeing you away from the office will become more appealing… but I digress…*

So, what’s a girl to wear when she wants to look her best? A little black dress! Most of us have that perfect LBD that fits us as if it was custom-made for us – holds in what it’s supposed to hold in and lets out what it’s supposed to let out… but, alas, there’s work neckline and at the club neckline. Any dress that is the dress definitely has at the club neckline and last thing any of us wants to do is permanently alter our favorite dress for just a single night. (no one, not even Pat is special enough to mess with the perfect LBD!)

The Strap Saver to the rescue! This no-sew strap shortening solution will adjust those straps to create a more demure neckline for the office party (although, if your LBD has a very short hemline, then we advise purchasing a new dress… shortening an already short dress for an office function can only lead to no good.**) and because the straps stay adjustable, the dress can return to it’s fun self after the night is over. Or, earlier, if you’re feeling daring after the suits leave. It will be very easy to lower those straps and start your kind of party right then and there…

*This was not me, obviously. It may, or may not, be the aforementioned Jessica. One does not rat out one’s friends. Unless it’s a great bra story.

**We do not speak from experience, we have vivid imaginations… yikes.


Celebrating One Year of the Strap Saver

Happy Website-iversary!

Celebrating One Year of the Strap Saver

YAY! One year! The blog has been up for much longer, but it was one year ago today that I pressed the button that turned on the store. Who knew so much could happen in a year? We had our first sale… and then our first sale to a stranger and then the next… and then the next and *poof* we’re a business. That was awesome. That IS awesome. It’s still a thrill every time we put a stamp on an envelope or see a new referral link to our website. (Today’s was a website from the Czech Republic, over 100 referrals in the last 3 days – thank you Google translate!)

To everyone reading this – thank you. Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for taking the time to understand my words and the message we’re trying to send. Take care of yourself. Do something good in the world. If you wear one, wear a good bra and always make sure that the girls (or boys) are at the right height. And boobs can be really funny. Be sure to laugh a lot, too.  Being happy should be the ultimate goal.

We’ve grown a lot in the last year – we are now fully stocked with all three colors in all four sizes. We’re continuing to work with Broadview Product Development and OmniFinishing to cut and finish The Strap Savers and are proud to work with the veterans at Scorpion HPC to apply the ceramic coating. We love keeping The Strap Saver 100% made in the USA! I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that any of these companies have worked on bra parts, but each one of them has a great sense of humor and I feel is invested in our success. Knowing that my suppliers are reliable helps me to sleep easier at night.

Our star managed to shine a little brighter this year, too. We were reviewed by one of Lingerie Addict’s top 7 blogs to read in 2015, A Sophisticated Pair. Erica. the owner, has become a Strap Saver advocate and a friend. You can also read more about us in a few other well-known blogs: JTouch of Style, Science and Silicone, Big Cup Little Cup, Two Cakes On A Plate, Lucy Loves and Trial by Beauty. While not everyone thinks we’re perfect (what are they thinking?? :) ), everyone talks about how well the product works. We also hit “the big time” with a great article by Devin Loring in the Asbury Park Press. I’ve been reading the APP for a long time, so it was a big boost to my ego and to our sales to have this feature. There’s just something about opening up a newspaper and breathing in that not-likely-to-be-good-for-you ink… :) (I have no idea if it’s really bad, I just imagine that it can’t be good… :) ) We even had our logo on a DeLorean mechanic helping Lyft and Verizon on Back to the Future Day!

We’ve also met some amazing women. Beth and I went to CurveNY in February and met women from all areas of the lingerie industry that contributed to our most popular blog, 10 Insider Secrets to Extend the Life of Your Lingerie. I met Angela of Sweetest Sin, a local lingerie store, who changed my mind about independent bra stores and shares my desire to work towards breast cancer education. I’m hoping we can partner on something soon! Beth and I spent an afternoon with Dana Donofree of AnaOno Intimates. In addition to her strength in the face of an ugly disease, she designs some pretty kick-ass bras.

One of our goals this year was to optimize the site and improve our search engine rankings. Thanks to the folks at Yoast, their free plugin and my strategy, we’re on the first page of results for every keyword. Traffic is up in every area of the site and I’m finding the blog being shared in new places!

We had a wonderful photo shoot – getting some amazing images. They’ll continue to appear over the year, showing off The Strap Saver, or not, as one of the merits is that the product is stealthy! These wonderful women – who shall remain nameless at their own choosing – came to Beth’s apartment and spent the afternoon in their underwear for us. (although it really didn’t seem that out of character for them…) They were lovely – and selfless, asking for nothing in return. Ladies, I will never forget what you did for us. And Ashley Card, a college student home on summer break, who should have been sleeping in, gave up a weekend to help us set up shots and take pictures. Thank you.

We didn’t get everything we wanted this year – we didn’t make it into some of our favorite websites (yet) and we didn’t make it onto any of the morning shows (yet). I’ve struggled not to throw the computer out of the window as I delve deeper into Google Analytics. (yet!  This thing could go airborne any minute now.) I broke the website a few times when I was trying to improve it… (although I was smart enough to make backups so it was easy to fix!) So, these get moved to next year’s goals, as we’re not remotely done yet.

We have big plans for next year. We want to add some videos to the site (some with cats, some otherwise :) ) We want to get on those big websites and on TV. We want to expand our network and continue the wonderful friendships we’ve made in the industry. We are in the process of choosing charity partner, we want to get started on our promise of giving back. We’re considering expanding our color offerings. We’re gearing up for our annual sale. We’re looking forward to CurvExpo in February. 2016 beckons and it’s going to be a great one.

This past year wouldn’t have been possible without so many people helping us – Cheryl – my alpha tester. Ruthie, who has the misfortune of working near one our suppliers, so I talked her into helping me courier packages to save postage! (just joking, I couldn’t have a stronger supporter, I always appreciate that she goes out of her way…) Teri and Jena, talented information architects, helped me with some of the site improvements that you’ll see soon. Scott, thanks for your offer of web support – I haven’t fully bothered you about that, yet, but I will! Tiffany – thank you for sharing your excellent development skills. Shea Wong, who has been blogging since blogs began, helped me choose a strategy. Dad, for offering to help me vet a charity so that I know that our money is going to the right place and will truly help people. Abby, Jason, Kevin, Stephen, Rachel, Kim, Phil, Marion… and everyone who has listened to me blather on about this business for the past year, thanks for your patience and your feedback. (and for keeping the rolling of the eyes discreet)

And then there are the two major players in this company and in my life. Marc – you are a wonderful tech and business advisor, always looking out for me, Beth, and The Strap Saver. Thank you for always being there for me, for supporting me when I struggle and for celebrating the good times. I love you. No, you can’t retire yet but maybe soon! Beth – as I said when we started, you are the beauty that is this site. You’re always thinking and pushing me to be more creative. Your time, effort and dedication helps to make this company what it is – and your unwavering belief in me when I said “hey, let’s start a company and manufacture a product that’s never been done before and talk people into buying it!” keeps me going when I think I can’t do any more. And, of course, your friendship means the world to me, there are many times that I know I wouldn’t still be standing without you.

So onward and upward, as my mom would say, here’s to the next 12 months – I wish you all of the love and success in the world. Let’s meet again in a year and we can count all of the great things we have in our lives.

Shari and Beth

7 Degrees of Beauty Blogging at Bloomingdales

Shari_And_Beth_Bloomies_BloggersOur new headshots, compliments of Mallika Malhotra of mikifoto.

One of the best things about being part of a beauty and fashion biz is attending cool events. Beth and I had our first taste last month when we attended the Bloomie’s Bloggers & Breakfast event sponsored by Alita’s Brand Bar. We went hoping to have a good time and meet some people, which we did. We didn’t expect to come face to face with our past. (cue the suspenseful music?)

First, the event…

We were invited to the event from a member of my writers group, Melissa Chapman, author of Married My Sugar Daddy and The Staten Island Family. Melissa and I met over a conversation about fending off online trolls. (and, from Staten island to Jersey, we’re practically neighbors.) Unfortunately we barely had a chance to speak with her at the event, so this it’s my official thank you!  (You rock, Melissa!) 

Bloomies Bloggers Gift BagsBeth and I met at the Short Hills Mall, not completely sure of what the day would hold, but excited nonetheless. We were looking forward to having our hair and makeup done by professionals and a fashion show.  (And, of course, everybody’s favorites, gift bags!)


Beth getting made overThe makeovers started right away and not ones to be shy, Beth and I hopped into the makeup chairs. I was made up in MAC and once again saw the magic of putting light make-up under my eyes. I’ve read about it often enough. (note to self: DO IT) Beth was made up by NARS and looked fabulous.

0916151036_edited-1We were also treated to hair, organic manicures (my polish was by Trust Fund, 6 days, not a chip AND plant-based? I’m a believer!), and new headshots from Mallika Malhotra of mikifoto.  (She’s really awesome and I hate posing for photos – she made it effortless.)



Then…  it was time for our blasts from the past.

The drawing from my custom tote!

While we were waiting in line to get a custom design drawn on our Alita’s Brand Bar tote bags by fashion illustrator Elaine Biss. (I love mine!) we started chatting with the people around us.  Part of the reason for attending the event was to network, as I’m relatively new to the blogging game (just over a year) and Beth is awesome with people (they actually like her!). We struck up a conversation with the woman behind us, Amy Selling of Lulu and Lattes. I’m not sure how it came up, but somehow we figured out that we all grew up around Philly (Amy and I within just 5 miles of each other) and that Beth and Amy had gone to the same camp for 5 years! As they started comparing notes, the conversation got a little deeper, Beth and I mentioned Syracuse (as we do). Amy quickly chimed in “I went to Syracuse!”. It turns out that we all lived in DellPlain Hall during the 1994-1995 school year, before Amy transferred, but never met. (cue twilight zone music?)

So as Beth and Amy are chattering away about the Adams (don’t ask me, apparently people they both knew from camp), Alita Friedman (of Alita’s Brand Bar) came over and said “Did someone say that they were from Philly?” and we started the game all over again. She and I went to the same junior high and would’ve gone to the same high school if my family hadn’t moved. (although a few years apart) We did a quick Klinger Junior High cheer and marveled, once again, at this tiny, tiny world. In all fairness, we were only standing about 80 miles from my hometown, which isn’t all that far, but we’d all been so many places before we landed in New Jersey, and had done so many amazing things that brought us to the event that day.

We met so many fantastic people that day, and are looking forward to more events like this (gift bag or no gift bag!) Who knows, maybe next time I’ll find my freshman roommate, Jen Kohn, I wonder whatever happened to her….



Visting the Sweetest Sin in Red Bank, NJ

When It’s Time To Change…

Shopping for New Bras When you no longer have big boobs at Sweetest Sin in Red Bank, NJ

A Quick Guide for when You Discover You No Longer Have Big Boobs.

(This is meant to be lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek commentary on how our bodies change
and is no way a comment on the rough journey of dealing with a mastectomy)

First, don’t panic.  It happens sometimes, even to the best of us.  After all, it happened to me and I’m surviving. (first world problem!)  I’ve recently lost some weight, partially due to effort and partially due to stress.  It’s not as if I’m a petite person, I don’t remember measuring under 5’,  (I’m 5’10” now) and my change certainly was not as drastic as Jennifer Grey after her nose job*, for me, it was just enough to make me look twice in the mirror. It’s always an adjustment as our bodies change, especially when we feel it’s one of our more prominent features. It’s not just that we need new clothes, sometimes it can change how we think about ourselves.  

Second – buy new bras.  So, with my identity crisis in hand, I decided to take this opportunity to try something new – an independent bra store. I’d never been before. I always assumed that the bras would be too expensive and too frilly for me. Given my recent vow to up my lingerie game, and my recent friendship with some amazing women in the lingerie industry (hi Erica! <- the very awesome owner of A Sophisticated Pair), I decided to give it a try.

I could tell as soon as I walked through the door at Sweetest Sin in Red Bank, NJ that I had been mistaken in my opinion about independent lingerie stores. Angela has a beautiful selection, and the prices really vary – from the very affordable to the I’d-really-love-that-and-I’m sure-it’s-made-well-but-I-can’t-justify-the-rent prices. (but they were great to look at!)  

The first thing Angela and I did was assess my current bra situation. Given my recent change, there was some room in my current bra. Next, she measured me and informed me that I’m now a 32DD. Wait, what? (I’ve varied from a 36C to a 36D to a 34DD) Then, it was time to try on something new.  Angela handed me a beautiful selection of bras across price ranges. One of the prettiest was one of the most inexpensive, but it didn’t fit right. (hey, boobs have different shapes, you can’t win them all!) I ended up buying 3 bras, one that was in the splurge category, but it was a fantastic color and felt great. Just because it’s under my clothes, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be pretty!

I have never had such personal experience in a lingerie store. It’s almost enough to help me adjust to my new look. I’m not going to knock some of the mall stores, I’ve had good luck in a few of them, but this small business experience lived up to the hype: great selection, quality merchandise, a variety of prices and personalized service. So, crisis of body or not, I highly recommend that you find your local lingerie store and stop by. Supporting local businesses is awesome, because the money goes right back into your community and, of course, the perfect bra is (almost) priceless.

*This is not a commentary about plastic surgery, one way or another.  Jennifer Grey looked very different after the procedure, although she looked lovely before and looks lovely now.  NOBODY puts Baby in a corner.

**Yes, the title of this blog is a Brady Bunch reference.

Celebrating National Punctuation Day with The Strap Saver

Let’s Stop Talking About Bras & Start Talking about Periods

Celebrating National Punctuation Day with The Strap Saver


It’s a great day to celebrate periods, after all, today is National Punctuation Day. Recently, a friend shared an article on Facebook entitled “Nothing Says Over 40 Like Two Spaces after a Period!”. Of course, having turned 40 this year, I was incredibly insulted.  I was taught to use 2 spaces for good reason, my first papers were typed on typewriters. (yup, that makes me over 40) Yes, the rules have changed. Now that we have computers and individual characters are only given the space that they need (proportional) vs. the same space because the letters are coming from a preset typebar (monospace). A double space is no longer needed to connote the end of sentence. Even the AP and Chicago Manuals of Style (the people in charge of guiding the people who publish most of the written word) agree. (and, ask Beth. It’s a pet peeve of hers.)

It’s not necessary to insult someone because they’re doing something they have done for most of their life! It’s like calling your mother over the hill because she still has a phone that can’t start her washing machine. It’s not a moral imperative that she be able to do this, it’s just a nice thing. Or blasting those whippersnappers for letting their bra straps show. The trend has changed where this is acceptable, it’s just not something I’m comfortable doing. But, again, it’s not like it’s a matter of national security.

No one is going to die if we put two spaces in, and it certainly doesn’t make someone “cool”. There’s always find/replace. (which I will do at the end of this blog, because I can’t get out of the habit of 2 spaces yet) So, if you’re writing blogs out there, it’s not necessary to be obnoxious. That’s almost as bad as using a homonym in a title and switching meanings in the copy…

How will you celebrate National Punctuation Day?

the winner of a $25 gift certificate contest

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


More like Winner Winner Strap Saver Gift Certificate + Visa Gift Card!  At The Strap Saver, we have just completed our first contest and the winner is….  Luka S. from Slovenia!  (Which means we’ll be doing some celebrating on June 25th!)  Congratulations Luka and we’ll be in touch soon.

We’d also like to thank all of the bloggers that participated in our review contest:

Jodie’s Touch of Style

Science and Silicone

2 Cakes on a Plate

Big Cup Little Cup

Trial By Beauty

Lucy Loves

We’ll be writing a little bit more about these blogs in the coming months because we think they’re all full of fun and great information.

The winner of the review contest is 2 Cakes on a Plate.  We want to thank everyone for their time and effort – and hope that they enjoy their Strap Savers as much as we do!

numbers 1 through 10 with different bras in the background

10 Insider Secrets to Extending the Life of Your Lingerie!


Always hand wash your lingerie!  Isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?  Sure, we’ll get right on that, after we work 40 hours, feed the kids, buy the groceries, clean the house… We live in the real world, where we know what we should do, but we don’t always have time.  And here at The Strap Saver, we’re concerned with saving more than just straps, we want to save your entire bra, your thongs, your thigh highs, you name it, the whole unmentionable family!  We set out to find some time-saving tips for extending the life of your lingerie and who better to ask than the professionals, the makers and sellers of these undies.  We went to CurveNYthe event for all that is new and beautiful in the undergarment industry to seek out these industry experts!

So, ladies (and gents, and anyone who likes to feel beautiful), here are some of the best secrets from the biggest in the business!



Wash it in the shower – take care of two things at once!
– Amanda Goldstein, lingerie model





I soak all of my favorite lingerie in the bathtub.
– Charlotte Davies, Senior Designer, Curvy Kate





NEVER EVER (x300) put it in the dryer, especially hosiery, which should always be hand washed.
– Ade Hassan, founder, Nubian Skin, nude lingerie and hosiery for women of color




Tie it in a pillowcase and always use non-bio washing powder.  Treat your lingerie with love and care!
– Claire Franks, consultant, Intimate Apparel Consultancy
(non-bio washing powder, to the non-Brits, means non-biological, which is designed for sensitive skin)



Never wear a bra two days in a row, give the elastic a chance to rest, and replace a bra every two years, depending on the amount of wear.
– Nikki, owner, La Femme Dangereuse, a lingerie shop in Woodbury, NY



I’m a big believer in lingerie bags.
– Maggie Han, founder and CEO, Seamless Thread, the home of Camel No, panties with a built-in modesty enhancement panel that conceals camel toe.





Never wash your bras. Hang them in the bathroom during a shower, let the steam clean them and air them out. 
– Baby Pardo, Executive Vice President, Rene Rofe Lingerie
(we weren’t really sure about this one, we wouldn’t recommend it, but it came from an expert, so here it is!)



Be willing to spend money on nicer fabrics and the more spandex the better!  
– Kaitlyn Young, Brand Manager, Komar Intimates





Never fold the cups into one another. Always store bras flat to preserve the shape of the cup.  
– Amanda Darkhabani, manager, Soma Intimates, Freehold, NJ





Always close the hook and eyes of a bra to protect both the fasteners and the fabric. Reshape after removing them from the wash, especially for molded cups.
– Erica, owner, A Sophisticated Pair, lingerie shop online and in Burlington, NC and home of one of The Lingerie Addict’s 7 blogs to read in 2015.


And – of course – shorten stretched straps and extend the life of your favorite bras and bathing suits with The Strap Saver, the best no-sew strap repair solution!  For more information, check out our videos to see The Strap Saver in action (and have a good laugh with comedian Charlie Hester!) or visit our FAQ.


What’s your secret for extending the life of your lingerie?

Dana, Shari and Beth in Philly

An Inspiring Afternoon with Dana of AnaOno

Dana, Shari and Beth in Philly

This weekend Beth and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Dana Donofree, the founder of AnaOno Intimates.  Dana is a clothing designer and breast cancer survivor.  She found that the market was missing bras for women who have had reconstructive surgery after breast cancer so she did what any of us would have done (HA!) and started her own lingerie line.  I wanted to meet Dana for several reasons, she’s new to the industry like us (somewhat, anyway!), her bras are gorgeous, we both have a connection to breast cancer, and she’s been all over the media (The Today Show, Refinery29, Mashable to name a few)  and I was curious how she’d done it.

Meeting her was an absolute delight.  One thing was clear: her passion, for her business, for helping women and for climbing the next mountain in her path.  We got to see her studio, which looks exactly like I pictured, with sewing machines and lots of fabric and inspirational pictures on the wall.  Our conversation covered bras,  body image, the demands of social media on a new business, websites, empowering women, obtaining inventory, family, culture, religion…  it was a wonderful afternoon.  (And, there was brunch!)

The most memorable part of the conversation was talking about the need for line of bras like this.  I was surprised to find out that she has detractors!  Someone claiming that the Jennifer is simply a sports bra.  Yes, it is.  But, it’s not.  These bras aren’t designed for natural breasts, although Dana says that many women who haven’t had reconstruction wear them and love them.

When we talked about the need for AnaOno bras – I thought about the ravages of cancer.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen it up close a few times.  It is a brazen thief of a disease, stealing everything that it can manage.  Dana echoed the sentiment and agreed that when the fighting is over (if it’s ever really over) and the recovery begins, sometimes it’s about figuring out which pieces are where and how to put them back together, if they still even fit.

Where does normal start again?  Why not with something as basic as getting dressed every day?  A survivor should be given a chance to be whatever she wants – and pretty underthings are part of that.  (especially given that pretty lingerie is related to an increase in self-esteem)  It’s about being beautiful.  It’s about having choices.  It’s a step back to being like everyone else, if that’s what she wants.  I think AnaOno is offering that opportunity to women in a way that never has been before.

I tried on the Jennifer, and it’s wonderful.  Very comfy, the bamboo fabric is lovely.  It fit great, although with my 34DD, I’m used to a wire.  I also tried on the Rachel, which is beautiful.  That’s the one that I wanted to fit, but it didn’t.  Natural breasts don’t always lay the same way that reconstructed breasts do. (I actually learned that from a stripper named Buffy in Vegas, maybe we’ll tell that story another time… or, not.)  If all breasts, regardless of their origin, were the same, then Dana would not have started AnaOno Intimates.  So the Rachel might work for some women with natural breasts, depending on their shape, but it didn’t work for me.  (bummer)

It was very inspiring and humbling to learn more about Dana’s business.  And to learn about all of the intricacies of a lingerie clothing business.  Yikes.  Her pieces are amazing, but it’s a very complicated process to get them from her drawing pad to your body.  The slogan on her site say “You Are Never Alone” and I got the impression that is her plan, to continue to advocate for women in a way that no one has before.  We definitely feel like we found a friend!


Shari in an ugly turquoise bridesmaid dress with the text just say no to bedazzled bridesmaids

Friends Don’t Makes Friends Wear Bows with Rhinestones

The Bedzazzled Bridesmaid

This weekend I went to a wedding in Maryland and it was quite lovely.  The bride was, of course, gorgeous.  I was also impressed by the beautiful pink bridesmaids dresses.  They were cute and likely something that could be worn again.  I don’t have photos because the couple wanted an unplugged wedding, no cameras or cell phones.   I thought it was a great idea, we were all more present during the party.  (especially at the open bar…)

It made me think back to my times as a bridesmaid.  As you can tell by the photo, I was never as lucky as the women at this wedding.  There’s an important part of the dress that you can’t see in the first photo – that rather large bow from the second photo is on that empire waist.  I know it was the late 90s, but a bedazzled bow under my boobs?  I’m pretty sure I held those flowers strategically for the picture. (and what on earth was I thinking by SAVING that bow after all of these years???  I dug it out of a drawer last night.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.  The dress is long gone, I assure you.)  The top of the dress was satin and the bottom chiffon (read: polyester).  And, of course, there were also dyed-to-match shoes.  (I’m convinced they are still in the Take Me PLEASE bin at a thrift shop!)

I’ve been a bridesmaid 5 times and I’ve only ever been able to wear one dress again.  It also had the ubiquitous bows, but they were far less obvious and I removed them as soon as I got home.  I don’t understand the draw that some women feel to dress their friends in highly flammable, unflattering, matching outfits.  They could all take a cue from this bride and choose pretty dresses and let people wear their own shoes.  We love you brides!  Help us keep it that way!

There was one bonus about this turquoise train-wreck – I could wear a regular bra.

A Strap Saver photo shoot with Beth taking pictures in her apartment and Ashley holding up a reflector

Girls on Film!

The Strap Saver Photo Shoot

We had our first photo shoot for the Strap Saver this weekend as we prepare for our next step.  It was very exciting – several of Beth’s friends came over and posed for us and my friend Ashley Card worked as an assistant and a second photographer.  We had lots of great props, including a poker table and more tulle than any person would ever need.  (and since I was in charge of craft services, cookies!)  It’s been a very hard two days for me, watching everyone else do the work and sampling the cookies.  I’m so touched by all of the effort put forth by everyone – especially Beth for orchestrating everything – you rock! – and hopefully our customers will like the updates to the site.

The plethora of colorful underwear and the sheer strength of the bodies in our models was impressive – 3 are professional dancers and another trains in MMA (trust me, you want her on your side in a street fight).  They brought over piles of gorgeous lingerie and modeled it for us in a variety of poses, with the only request that we keep their faces hidden.  (which is why I am not mentioning names!)  Thank you so much, ladies – and thank you Ashley – you’re the best! Their dedication is admirable and their generosity is overwhelming.

Which brings me to our next step of our hard work – we’re calling all bloggers with an audience that has straps in need of saving!  Until June 20th, we’re looking for you to try the boob-alterting Strap Saver and possibly win an amazing prize.  We’ll be giving away $250 for the best review, as well as a possible second prize depending on the number of entries.  We’ll also have a 60-day Rafflecopter giveaway of $50 + $25 of Strap Save product for your readers. Please email us at media@thestrapsaver.com with:

Strap Width and requested color (see How To Measure Your Strap)
Blog URL
Monthly Hits
Twitter follower #
Facebook fan #
A quick sentence on why you’d love to try our revolutionary new brahblem solver.

We look forward to hearing from you!