A Strap Saver photo shoot with Beth taking pictures in her apartment and Ashley holding up a reflector

Girls on Film!

The Strap Saver Photo Shoot

We had our first photo shoot for the Strap Saver this weekend as we prepare for our next step.  It was very exciting – several of Beth’s friends came over and posed for us and my friend Ashley Card worked as an assistant and a second photographer.  We had lots of great props, including a poker table and more tulle than any person would ever need.  (and since I was in charge of craft services, cookies!)  It’s been a very hard two days for me, watching everyone else do the work and sampling the cookies.  I’m so touched by all of the effort put forth by everyone – especially Beth for orchestrating everything – you rock! – and hopefully our customers will like the updates to the site.

The plethora of colorful underwear and the sheer strength of the bodies in our models was impressive – 3 are professional dancers and another trains in MMA (trust me, you want her on your side in a street fight).  They brought over piles of gorgeous lingerie and modeled it for us in a variety of poses, with the only request that we keep their faces hidden.  (which is why I am not mentioning names!)  Thank you so much, ladies – and thank you Ashley – you’re the best! Their dedication is admirable and their generosity is overwhelming.

Which brings me to our next step of our hard work – we’re calling all bloggers with an audience that has straps in need of saving!  Until June 20th, we’re looking for you to try the boob-alterting Strap Saver and possibly win an amazing prize.  We’ll be giving away $250 for the best review, as well as a possible second prize depending on the number of entries.  We’ll also have a 60-day Rafflecopter giveaway of $50 + $25 of Strap Save product for your readers. Please email us at media@thestrapsaver.com with:

Strap Width and requested color (see How To Measure Your Strap)
Blog URL
Monthly Hits
Twitter follower #
Facebook fan #
A quick sentence on why you’d love to try our revolutionary new brahblem solver.

We look forward to hearing from you!


SEO-OH-OH It’s Magic!

One of my goals for May is to work on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If a site has better SEO, it will appear higher in the search results and more people will see your link. It’s always nice to have a great product, but not useful if no one can find you and we don’t want to be a one hit wonder, like poor Pilot. (don’t feel too badly for them, and they still managed to release FOUR compilation albums.)  We have plans to continue to evolve The Strap Saver, so we want people to find us and keep coming back!

When turning to Google, most of us don’t go past the second page, if we go that far, before we change search terms, so it’s very important to stake your claim near the top. Of course, there are ways to buy your way to the front of the line, but we’ve decided to try to change our rankings organically. (as in, through skill, luck and elbow grease, not funding)

I started by downloading a plugin from Yoast (I’m giving them a shout out because the free version of their WordPress plug-in is very powerful, not because they paid me. It has worked well for us, your results may vary.) and dug in. Although it takes me through the process of where to put things, I first have to understand how our customers will find us.  Is it through “bra strap repair”, “stretched bra straps” or “shorten bra straps”? Do people search for the problem or the solution? There are a lot of tools out there to help (thanks, Google, for your Keyword Planner and your Webmaster Tools!) but it’s also about knowing your product and your audience. Google will rank us on everything from how often our keyword appears on the page (although “keyword stuffing” sounds unnatural and you’ll lose points). We’re also judged on the length of our copy, the quality, the number of links that we have to other quality content and the number of sites that link to us. Are you dizzy yet? I am!

But, hurrah! Our efforts are paying off! (quite literally!) We’ve almost doubled sales in May. Our rankings are up significantly, as well as site traffic and our number of Facebook and Twitter followers. I’m only partially finished with my optimization plans, as well. This is key to the growth of our business, as it’s an ad and a map to our front door all rolled up in one. So, good things are headed our way – and perkiness is headed to mailbox near you.

How do you search for answers to your problems – is it by the problem or the solution?

The Strap Saver Sleep My Way To The Top

My New Plan: Sleep My Way To The Top

The Strap Saver Sleep My Way To The Top

This week I went to a women’s forum about gender stereotypes and success in the workplace. I heard three amazing women tell their stories about their career path and how they thrived in typical male roles. It wasn’t easy, but each had found success although they’d made several mistakes along the way.

All of the stories were different, but they all gave the same advice:

– ŸŸIf yŸou do what you love, it isn’t work (I am still not sure I buy that 100% of the time, sometimes you just want your jammies and a good movie).

– Always go after your dreams and follow your instincts.

– Find a mentor, be a mentor. Don’t underestimate the value of learning from the experience of those that have gone before you and be sure to share what you know.

– It’s ok to show emotion in the workplace, women are built differently than men. It happens, don’t make a big deal out of it and move on.

– Women have to take better care of themselves.

It is all good advice, but as it’s been a common theme in this blog, the last one stood out to me. I can’t remember who quoted the Arianna Huffington and her commencement speech at Smith College on getting enough sleep, but it started a long discussion. Every woman seemed to echo the sentiment, especially for moms. They talked about consequences from making bad decisions at work to falling asleep behind the wheel. Someone pointed out that Bill Clinton has admitted that most of the mistakes that he made were because he was too tired.

For some reason, lack of sleep seems to be a bragging point. “I only slept for 4 hours last night” or “I never need to sleep”. I am an 8-hours-a-night kind of girl. I can’t always get what I need, but I function best on 8 hours. The question is – why is surviving on less, taking advantage of our body’s good nature and generally abusing ourselves considered a good thing? Why doesn’t our society reward the person who says “my body is all I have, so I’m going to take the best care possible, eat the best, get annual checkups and sleep”. Instead, I find that these people are looked on as “babies” who can’t “tough it out”, as if functioning with (unnecessary) added stress makes someone a better person. Blechhh.

Someday I want to reach the levels of these women – at the top of my game in my chosen field – and I don’t want to sacrifice my health to do it. (One of the speakers was convinced that her cancer was caused by her exhausting and stressful lifestyle) So, instead of trying to add more hours into the day, I’ll try to make the hours that I’m awake more productive. And sleep my way to the top. Starting now. With nap.

How do you make sure to take care of yourself? What are you sleep habits? Would you change them if you could?

Two woman looking at something in horror with text once seen never unseen

What did one saggy boob say to the other?

Once Seen Never Unseen


ANSWER: If we don’t get support soon, people will think we’re nuts!


Last weekend I was working on our marketing plan by using the Google Keyword Planner.  For those of you that not familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it’s a great place to pick out highly rated key words to improve your search engine ranking.  I searched the obvious ones of “bra repair” and then “stretched out bra straps” but they weren’t yielding much results, only about 70 searches a month.  A friend was visiting and she suggested that we get creative.  I’m not sure how we arrived on it, but soon I was looking up keyword ideas for “saggy boobs”.   We found that “large saggy boobs” was coming up at cost per click (CPC) rate of $6.37.  To explain CPC:  if you google “large saggy boobs” (Do not.  You cannot unsee that – especially the tumblr…  according to my friend) and click on one of the ads, it will cost the advertiser $6.37.

All amusement and business strategy aside, I always assumed that “large perky boobs” would be much more valuable –  which may be what advertising tells us, but clearly what not what many search for when no one is watching.  It’s fascinating to think about all of the other things that we are shown vs. how we may really feel.  I wonder if those two will ever match and how it might change how we perceive ourselves.

What is it that we really want?  It’s a shame that only Google knows for sure!


How would you search for The Strap Saver?

a school of small striped fish underwater

Just Keep Swimming!


A popular response besides “HOLY CRAP THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!” and “I MUST BUY SOME!” to The Strap Saver is “You should go on Shark Tank!”  For anyone who has been living under a rock, it’s a show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to really really smart business people and they decide whether to invest and help take them to the next level.  It’s a great show and probably the only “reality” show I watch.  (In quotes because they’re made up, folks, and they have writers.  There’s very little that’s real about them.  Although I believe pretty strongly in Shark Tank, because the Sharks are investing real money)  I’ve learned a lot from watching the other investors win and lost deals.  Tears have no place in business, neither do excuses!  (although neither does nastiness, Mr. Wonderful!)

The Strap Saver isn’t ready for Shark Tank… yet.  They are looking for established businesses and we’ve only been around about 10 weeks.  We’re doing ok, but we still have a long way to go.  For those of you that have dealt with the dreaded marketing funnel, we’re still mostly in the “building awareness” and “cultivating interest” phases.  It’s not an easy process on a limited start-up budget although we are determined.  So far, we’ve been very fortunate to connect with Erica at A Sophisticated Pair, a store in North Carolina that specializes in hard to fit sizes. She offered to review the Strap Saver (check it out here and comment by Jan 30 to win a gift certificate!).  It even got posted to Reddit!  And not by me!  Right now, getting the word out is our main goal.

Beth and I have completed The Strap Saver Press Kit.  It has everything you ever wanted to know about the product, the process and about us and our roles in the company.  (and it’s beautifully designed and says boobs a lot, just like the site!)  They say it’s all about who you know, so we’re calling on you for help.  If you want to spread the word or know anyone that might want to tell our story, feel free to download it and share it with the world.  We are happy to send out samples, love giveaways and are more than willing to do interviews!  If you want to see us on the carpet, wheeling and dealing with Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner, (I’ve heard that the men are too afraid to invest in women’s products), spread the word, spread the Press Kit and help us take The Strap Saver to the next level!

Pink bra hanging from a clothesine with a blue background

Welcome to Our New Home.


Welcome to our new home!

TheStrapSaver.com is officially open for business!  Come and take the grand tour:

(we’re walking, we’re walking and… stop)

To our left is the store: we have three different colors available – black, tan and metallic, all in a variety of sizes.  Let us know if there’s something you’d like that you don’t see.

Straight ahead we have the FAQ.  If you have any questions, look here  first.  It has information about shipping, installing The Strap Saver and other odds and ends.

If you have any thoughts or questions for us, please feel free to contact us.

And, of course, you’re standing in Strap Central, this blog, which will be the place for Strap Saver news and information, updates on saving your strappy clothes and other bits of humor that we find from around the web.  Oh, and as always, my somewhat thoughtful, somewhat cheeky commentary.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using The Strap Saver as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!  (and yes, just like in Avenue Q, boobs are the reason for innovation)  If you do, don’t forget to tell your friends and to follow us on Facebook or Twitter!  (or G+ – yeah, it’s a lonely place, but we’re on G+ too!)

So, come in, take a look around, make yourself at home.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Strap saver on a strap

A Special, Limited Time, Introductory Offer!




The results of our usability test were so good (although, despite popular request, The Strap Saver does not come with bigger boobs), we’re making a limited time offer – act fast, quantities are limited.

What is The Strap Saver, you ask? It’s a nifty little device that attaches to the part of your strap with the adjuster and breathes new life into your favorite bras. (you know, the one that made the girls look just right when it was brand new) It helps to tighten straps that have been stretched out through wear and keep bra straps from slipping.

We’re offering the remainder of the 1/2′′ test stock for $15 per pair, including shipping. It’s a small price to pay to save your favorite bras for years to come. (We will carry 3.4′′ and 1′′ when our site launches in about a month and 1/4′′ in about 6-8 weeks)

But wait! There’s more!

If you’re willing to fill out our survey, we’ll send you a set of tan Strap Savers as a thank you as soon as we have them in stock! That’s TWO for the price of ONE!

Although the official site is not open for business yet, please send $15 through Paypal to offer@thestrapsaver.com or send us an email and we’ll send you an invoice.

Here’s what some of the users are saying:

♦     “Thin, light weight, but durable”
♦     “I can get more wear from my bras.”
♦     “I no longer have to constantly adjust my straps because they are falling off my shoulders.”
♦     “Quick, easy, undetectable.”

Don’t miss out, quantities are limited and soon all you will have is regret for not being a trailblazer in saving your straps. Just use Paypal to send $15 to offer@thestrapsaver.com or send us an email and we’ll send you an invoice.
Be one of the first, we know it won’t be your last!

To measure your strap: The Strap Saver works with the part of your strap that has the adjuster, if you have one (that is the little clip on your strap that slides up and down to adjust the length). Measure the width of the strap next to the adjuster.


two beta fish in a bowl

Try This On!

02E44075-1024x924 The Strap Saver usability test is in full swing. We’ve sent it out to some friends and some friends of friends and so far we’ve learned a little and the early reviews are great!

“I’m boobbahed – so far so good”


“My boobs have never stayed up so high for so long.Savers are still in the same place as they were 12 hours ago. Amazing! Good job grand boobah!”





Here’s to continued success in our beta testing – woo hoo!

lillies in full bloom

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

photo credit: Shari Deutsch

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a while, but as I’ve noted before, starting a business takes a lot of time and energy! I figured I’d just give a straightforward update instead of a bunch of nonsense about bras and the meaning of life.
We’re ready for our beta test – the parts are on their way and I’m putting together a survey for the lucky few that get to test it out – and then get grilled by me on every aspect of the experience so that we have only the best for you. I’ve also hired JKS Web Design to supplement Beth’s creative genius with WordPress development and we have some great videos in the works. There are a lot of little odds and ends to get through – but soon!
Since I don’t have any deep thoughts to offer, instead here’s a photo of some lilies from my container garden. If you stare at it long enough maybe you can come up with some deep thoughts of your own.

spice jars on a wooden shelf

Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full

I’ve been described as a type A personality. Personally, I think I’m a type A+, because A+ is much better than A. Right? I get immense satisfaction from checking things off of my list. Well, everything. Immediately. I know that I set high standards for myself but I’m willing to work hard to take care of what needs to be done.

The Strap Savers’ developmental process has been a challenge because I want the finished product RIGHT NOW. Not next month, but NOW. (along with an Oompa Loompa, if possible!) I’m excited to see the reactions and hear the feedback. Our plan is to produce three different sizes of The Strap Saver – in two different materials and two different colors. I end up feeling compelled to work all of the time, never knowing when to stop because my ‘to do’ list will never be complete. It’s a struggle not to “bite off more than I can chew”. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I confided this worry in a friend and he sent me an article entitled 5 Unexpected Ways to Get More Done. I had already mastered some of the options. I have a “master to do list’ that includes things that will never likely get done, like alphabetizing my spice rack. (Who am I kidding? My spice rack has been alphabetized for years.)

One interesting point was to “quit while you’re ahead”. It took me several minutes to grasp the concept. First, I rarely feel as if I’m ahead. Second, if you’re winning, why stop? Keep winning!

Winning is good! (Insert Charlie Sheen joke here) But, the article had a good point. It mentioned how sometimes authors stop mid-sentence so not only is it easy to stop today, it’s easy to start again tomorrow. Although it was counterintuitive, it made sense to me. While winning is good, burning out is not.

I wanted to be ready to sell all 3 sizes of The Strap Saver once we launch. After talking to Marc, he convinced me that it’s unrealistic to try to do all of this at once given that I have a day job and that I’m human and should also expect to have a life. All work and no play make a dull Shari. The plan is to concentrate on one at a time and slowly build up The Strap Saver to the amazing brand that I envision. Working in steps, I decided that we’re going to launch with the 1/2′′ size, then the 3/4′′ size and then move to the version for bathing suits and dresses. I’m just going to have to learn to be patient and take small bites, which will be no easy feat for me.

The Strap Saver will be a success, but it will have to be more of a tortoise-type situation. Slow and steady will get us to the finish line, even though I might end up resenting the process now and again.

Just think about how much fun it will be to read about all of it right here! I’ve never been one to hold back on how I’m feeling so why start now? :) Every day will be another step closer to my goal and