mysterious eyes behind holiday ribbon and text that reads personal ninja on call

Help for the Holidays

picture of a female ninja holding a sword with a pink bow as a border and the text "personal ninja on call"It’s December, which means it’s time to run breathlessly from place to place, preparing for our favorite holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Saturnalia, the Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere), the Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere) Kwanzaa, and National Cotton Candy Day, just to name a few. What will it take to survive the pressure to have the picture-perfect gathering? Online shopping helps but it will only take us so far in cutting through the crowds and the traffic.

It’s times like this that we wish we could hire our own ninja to cut through the noise. According to popular culture, the ninja is a black-pajama-wearing assassin with an arsenal of throwing stars. Just because it’s in the movies doesn’t make it right! Ninjas were covert operatives that dealt in stealth maneuvers and unconventional use of conventional items to get the job done.

They possessed the perfect skills run to the store, drop by the post office, finish our holiday cards, clean the house, wrap the gifts, and make just the right recipe for the big family dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if we could hire someone (or many someones!) to do all of those things for us? It may sound blissful, but it’s often not practical or within our budgets.

While we can’t offer you a ninja-on-call service, we can offer a solution to one of your problems – finding the right gift for your favorite sibling/ significant other/child/friend/coworker/favorite celebrity. Everyone loves the perfect fit from their clothes. With a few clicks, you can give the gift of custom-length straps to the ones that you love! It’s not too late to have a Strap Saver delivered in time for the holidays.

If you have concerns about buying the appropriate size, we offer free shipping on exchanges. If you’d prefer to play it safe, buy a gift certificate instead. They are delivered to your inbox immediately! (Although our shopping cart doesn’t offer the prettiest email, so if you’d like us to send you something nicer, please contact us with your order number and we’ll email you print-worthy gift certificate with your codes.)

Solve one of your holiday problems. Buy The Strap Saver for all of your loved ones with strap issues today!

Simplify Gift Giving

Avoid Gift Receipt Guilt!

Simplify Gift Giving and avoid a gift receiptThere’s less than one week left before two of the major gift giving holidays for many Americans – Christmas and Chanukah (or Hanukkah, or Channukah, or Channukkah….). Many of us are still scurrying around, trying to find the perfect gift for the ones that we love. We like to think that we know them best and will give what they want – whether guided by a list or not. Sometimes we’re right. Other times, not so much.

In recent years, there’s been a wonderful invention to help – the gift receipt. Stores are very happy to print out a proof of purchase that hides the price. If the gift isn’t quite right, it gives the recipient the freedom to exchange sizes. If they are feeling brave, they can select an entirely different item. The customer is happy and stores don’t have to worry about questionable returns.

I specifically chose the word “brave” because some gift givers or receivers may see a return as a form of rejection. Someone who cares about you went out of their way to choose this specific sweater/vase/necklace/tie, out of love (or, for many, it was within arm’s reach while in the checkout line). It might be considered rude to return it. This person might expect to see this chachki the next time they come into your home.*

Not only do we want to avoid this situation ourselves, we want to keep our loved ones from being in position as well! I present to you the best option of all: the gift certificate. I’m not talking about a bank gift card that is good ANYWHERE. We do want to show some thought. A store gift certificate says “I’m smart enough to know what you like/need, want to give you something that makes you happy, but not arrogant enough to think I know exactly what expresses who you are.”

One example: a friend who is particular about the fit of their clothes or has a passion for bra shopping. A gift certificate to their favorite clothing or lingerie store might make them happy, or a gift certificate to The Strap Saver, which can enhance any wardrobe of overthings or underthings.

With the holidays just a few days away, this solves the problem for the last-minute shopper from the comfort of your own home. May store gift certificates (like ours!) are delivered to your inbox immediately. (Although our new shopping cart doesn’t offer the prettiest email. If you’d like us to send you something nicer, please contact us with your order number and we’ll email you print-worthy gift certificate with your codes)

Avoid gift receipt guilt. Be thoughtful but don’t attempt to be a mind reader. Give a gift certificate this holiday season!

*I actually don’t subscribe to the idea that we should hang onto gifts out of guilt. I don’t think that’s the intention of the gift giver. We should only surround ourselves with things that are useful or beautiful. It’s a very minimalist philosophy. But, I needed a blog on gift certificates and “gift receipt guilt” sounds snappy, doesn’t it?

Be Sneaky and give great gifts this holiday season

Give Gifts Like a Ninja

Be Sneaky and give great gifts this holiday seasonThe art of the ninja lies in the power of surprise. Their ability to hide is their greatest strength. A considerate gift-giver uses their knowledge to sneak away and find the perfect package for their loved ones – and then stash it until the big reveal. The joy lies in the unexpected (unless it’s 16th Century Japan and you’re the target, not the ninja). It’s these characteristics that inexplicably tie these things together. (hey, it’s called poetic license, deal with it.)

The holidays are fast approaching (doing their own sneak attack) and we’re all preparing for our ninja gift-giving roles. It’s the annual attempt to show our loved ones how well we know them by finding the perfect present. Let us help you out! The Strap Saver is ideal for your favorite frugal fashionista, bathing beauty, gym junkie, petite pal, “gifted” girl, and couture cutie – anyone who wants the perfect fit for their strappy clothes. We offer 4 sizes, 3 colors, and 2 strengths, so we can shorten almost any strap. (Purchase The Strap Saver here!) If you know their bra size, contact us and we can help you find their likely strap size. If we’re wrong, they can exchange it!

If you’re unsure of your friend/parent/sibling/significant other/favorite celebrity’s size, we also offer gift certificates. They are delivered to your inbox immediately, so they are also perfect for the last-minute shopper.  (although our new shopping cart doesn’t offer the prettiest email, so if you’d like us to send you something nicer, please contact us with your order number and we’ll email you print-worthy gift certificate with your codes)

We wish you the best of luck in all of your stealthy gift-giving pursuits!

Ninjas and Holidays sneak up on you!

What Do Holidays and Ninjas Have in Common?

Ninjas and Holidays sneak up on you!

They tend to sneak up on you and catch you unprepared, but, so much fun!

Everywhere I go, I hear “I can’t believe it’s already December! The holidays are almost here!  Where did the time go?” It usually does comes right after everyone says “I can’t believe it’s already November! Where did the time go?” (I’m still going with the theory that everyone loves a smart ass.)

December brings it’s own pressures, with the plethora of holidays that involve gift giving: Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Saturnalia, the Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere), the Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere) Kwanzaa, and National Cotton Candy Day, just to name a few. It’s overwhelming and can feel never-ending.

Of course, we all think that The Strap Saver is the perfect gift for any occasion, but, as we’ve established before, it presents a problem. Asking your sibling/ significant other/ child/ friend/ coworker/ favorite celebrity for the width of their bra/bathing suit strap can be problematic. Walking up to them, pulling out their bra strap and holding it up to a ruler might be a little awkward. (It would also ruin the surprise.) Hiring ninjas to break into their house to measure it for you is kinda (ok, really) against the law. (once again, as much as we love ninjas – and we really do! – we don’t condone illegal behavior)

So, once again, instead of getting carted off to the clink in the name of perkiness, may we suggest a gift certificate? They can be purchased in denominations of $10 and $15, which works perfect with our pricing of $15 for the first pair, $10 for each additional pair. (don’t forget, standard shipping is always free in the US!) And, for you instant gratification (or last-minute!) folks, the gift certificates are delivered with your receipt for download. They never expire and any portion not used can be saved for a future purchase.

So, this holiday season, give your sibling/ significant other/ child/ friend/ coworker/ favorite celebrity the perfect gift to add a little spring to their straps.

The Strap Saver table at Mini Made in Monmouth

Perfecting our Pitch at Made in Monmouth

The Strap Saver table at Mini Made in Monmouth

Photo credit: JoAnna Peck Siminerio, Manalapan Business Development Counsel

As our business gets bigger, we’re finding more and more doors are opening. Thanks to the article in the Asbury Park Press, we were invited to participate in Made in Monmouth, a showcase of local businesses. Last weekend was the mini-Made in Monmouth event, a smaller, holiday version of the larger show that takes over the athletic facility of Monmouth University every April.  

This event was very important to us – it was the first time we were going to sell The Strap Saver directly to the public.  We had several things that we wanted to accomplish beyond sales. We’re still working on perfecting our message. The Strap Saver can be a little complicated to explain and we haven’t nailed down our elevator pitch. We’ve also had our first request for wholesale and we need to design a display. We wanted to learn everything that we could in this 5 hour window.

The Strap Saver on a bra and a tank topBeth did a wonderful job (as always) setting up the table. (and I brought a steamer for the tablecloths, I got a little teasing from those around us for being a little particular but presentation is everything!) In general, we received positive responses to the display of The Strap Saver in action, directly on a tank top or a bra, although many people thought that we were replacing the strap. We found that once we displayed the product sans strap, it was more clear. We think that a smaller version of the hanger will become part of our in-store display, but we still need to be clear on what the product does, in as few words as possible.

Our raffle was a success. (Thank you Marc!  It was a great idea!)  Although the painting was adorable, we’re happy to report that the prospect of winning a gift certificate seemed to be more enticing. We even had a small survey with our raffle and 77% women said that this was a problem and they just “lived with it” – well, no more!  

Win 3 Strap Saver Gift Certificates or this painting at Made in Monmouth

We realized that The Strap Saver is less of an impulse purchase than we thought. A few of the women wanted to go home and measure the straps on their troublesome bras or dresses (we’ve already had some follow-up sales). It will do better in lingerie stores vs. a craft show – where most will go with a purpose. We did raise awareness and add a few addresses to our mailing list.   

As for our elevator pitch, it’s definitely improved. We found that in order to capture their interest, leading with the question of “do you have strap problems” was a great hook. Although, overall, I’m not exactly sure what question to ask – is it about slipping straps? Stretched straps? Long straps? Which one is universal? I’ll have to play around with the language and see which one resonates.

When it comes to describing the product, we learned that talking about our product in stages was the best way to go through the features and benefits without rushing to say howawesomeisourproductandofyou’llabsolutelyloveitanditssoworth$15. We settled on “It’s a no-sew solution for shortening straps while still leaving them adjustable”  and then “It works on bras, bathing suits, tank tops and all of your other strappy clothes” and then “It comes in 3 colors and 4 sizes.  It’s made of ceramic-coated stainless steel, so it’s made to hold up against chlorine, saltwater and will out-live many, many bras.” and finally “It’s $15 for the first pair, $10 for each additional pair, shipping is free.” That’s not the final draft and I have a few other phrases that I copied down that I want to try – like “It’s a little metal device for shortening straps while still leaving them adjustable” – do we need to say no-sew? Does metal make it sound uncomfortable? But it does lend itself to durability. Hey, we’re a work in progress.

We already have some plans for the next show – like offering a discount for purchasing at the fair and listing our price directly on the table.  We’re hoping to find something equally awesome to raffle – since it seemed to really attract customers. (who doesn’t love WIN?)  So if you miss this one, we look forward to seeing you at the Made in Monmouth show on April 9, 2016 at Monmouth University.

And, if you had to sum it up in 10-15 words, how would you describe The Strap Saver?


Woman modeling her little black dress

Preempt that Holiday Party LBD Emergency

Woman modeling her little black dress

Holiday party season is almost is here – including the much-anticipated ones with friends and the dreaded office party – where you’re expected to have fun, but not too much fun. BOR-RING! But, of course, you can’t skip it. Attendance is expected – and should include some hanging with your coworkers, watered-down drinks and general schmoozing of the suits and their spouses from the 18th floor… and then there’s Pat from HR.

Yummy, adorable, Pat from HR. Pat, who doesn’t seem to notice that you only have questions about your benefits when no one else is in the office. Pat, who hasn’t figured out that it’s not a coincidence that you always manage to take lunch at almost the same time and aren’t you just so friendly to always extend an invitation to your table in the lunchroom? And since HR is responsible for throwing the company holiday party, you know Pat is required to attend!  Here’s a perfect opportunity for stupid Pat to finally notice you workin’ it on the dance floor so maybe suddenly the thought of seeing you away from the office will become more appealing… but I digress…*

So, what’s a girl to wear when she wants to look her best? A little black dress! Most of us have that perfect LBD that fits us as if it was custom-made for us – holds in what it’s supposed to hold in and lets out what it’s supposed to let out… but, alas, there’s work neckline and at the club neckline. Any dress that is the dress definitely has at the club neckline and last thing any of us wants to do is permanently alter our favorite dress for just a single night. (no one, not even Pat is special enough to mess with the perfect LBD!)

The Strap Saver to the rescue! This no-sew strap shortening solution will adjust those straps to create a more demure neckline for the office party (although, if your LBD has a very short hemline, then we advise purchasing a new dress… shortening an already short dress for an office function can only lead to no good.**) and because the straps stay adjustable, the dress can return to it’s fun self after the night is over. Or, earlier, if you’re feeling daring after the suits leave. It will be very easy to lower those straps and start your kind of party right then and there…

*This was not me, obviously. It may, or may not, be the aforementioned Jessica. One does not rat out one’s friends. Unless it’s a great bra story.

**We do not speak from experience, we have vivid imaginations… yikes.


Red bra on a clothesline with clothespins with hearts on them, text reads fall in love with our sale

Perk Up with 20% OFF on February 14th ONLY!


It’s time for The Strap Saver’s annual Valentine’s Day sale!  Use coupon code HAPPYVD for 20% off of the no-sew bra strap repair solution*.  The Strap Saver is great for refreshing and reviving the stretched out straps on your favorite bras and bathing suits.  It also helps you find the perfect fit for the rest of your strappy clothes.  What are you waiting for?  The coupon is only good until midnight on February 14th!

*not valid on the purchase of gift certificates

a drawing of 5 hands reading out to a heart

What’s the Most Romantic Thing Your Partner Can Do For You?


Once, when playing “The Family Feud” on a cruise, I was asked this question. My answer was “clean the house and cook dinner”. I swear I heard booing. The top answers were “flowers”, “jewelry” and “lingerie”. I thought they were unimaginative and was disappointed. As we’re nearing February 14th once again, the same trite solutions are being presented as the “must haves”. YAWN. Even if you don’t want to break out the scrub brush, use some imagination, folks!

Generally, I don’t partake in Valentine’s Day. I don’t have an issue with the idea of a special day to celebrate love as long as it isn’t used to put others down. It just isn’t important to me. I take every day to celebrate my love! (BARF.) The thing that DOES bug me is that businesses take advantage of this – roses that were once $40 are now $80. Dinner that was $60 is now $120, simply because of the date on the calendar. It always felt like a scam to me – especially now with social shaming – I mean social media. There’s pressure to spend money that some might not have, or forever deal with the consequences in a very public way. If you want a special day to celebrate love AND want to do something like flowers and dinner, what’s wrong with February 15th? Or 16th? It’s the same food, the same celebration and the same love, without the gouge. OR, if the date is important, why not go with something a little more DIY – make a card or cookies for your honey – or, my favorite – cook dinner and clean the house. :) To me, the important part is the love itself.

So there are those who love it, those who don’t completely understand it (me) – and plenty of people who just wish Valentine’s Day would go away… which is a shame but understandable. Once again, at The Strap Saver, we’re here to help. In case you need a lift, we’re offering a special discount on bra repair and strap shortening for 24 hours only on February 14th – 20% off your purchase of Strap Savers* (COUPON CODE: HAPPYVD). It’s a great time to perk up and stock up – after all – it’s almost bathing suit season!

*not valid on the purchase of gift certificates

black strap savers on a pink satin back on drift wood on the beach

It’s the Most Wonderful Trend of the Year!

Photo Credit: Grenex Media


What’s my favorite holiday trend of 2014?  Self-Gifting!  We spend so much time giving to others and entertaining others, we often run ourselves ragged.  According the the Millionaire’s Corner (and who doesn’t want to be associated with THEM?), self-gifting is more than ok, it’s now part of our holiday tradition.  With all that we do for others, there’s nothing wrong with a little something-something for yourself!  Have you rewarded yourself yet for a job well done?  The Strap Saver is that special combination of something you need AND something you want.  Give yourself the gift of pulling your favorite bra out of the back of the drawer, refresh it and wear it for your hot New Year’s Eve date.  Or save yourself from another year of bathing suit shopping and extend the life of that one suit that makes you feel like the hottest thing on the beach.  Plus, you can use the beautiful silk bag to hold all of your special baubles and jems.  Check out our store for a special treat.  You deserve it!

candy cane striped strap savers

Deck the Bras!



We all buy practical gifts for the holidays, like socks and toiletries.  They’re a little cheesy and uninteresting but you know it’s something that will get used.  What if I told you that you could buy a product that is both something practical AND awesome?  Consider this yet another problem solved by The Strap Saver!  It’s practical – it saves money and works with underwear (which, face it, you were going to buy anyway!) but it’s also new and exciting – and comes beautifully packaged in a hot pink silk bag.  Don’t pass on the chance to wow your friends and family with both your ingenuity and good sense.  Order The Strap Saver here today!

To ensure that it will arrive by either Christmas or the end of Hanukkah with our free, standard shipping, please place your order by December 15th.