Red bra on a clothesline with clothespins with hearts on them, text reads fall in love with our sale

Sale Around The World on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

While that marks the start of my favorite season (chocolate bunny), it also means it is time for annual sale! Once again, we’re marking down all of our Strap Savers by 20%. Yes, that still includes our “save $5 for every additional pair” pricing. The first Strap Saver is $12.50 and each additional pair is $8. We still have free first class shipping in the US and $2 anywhere else in the world. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation will still receive 5% of all sales. Woo hoo!

For our international customers, I’ve spent some time doing some serious math. We’re going to cover all of Valentine’s Day, from Auckland, New Zealand to Honolulu, Hawaii! We won’t limit your opportunity to save because you happen to live on the other side of the globe. The sale will actually run 8AM on Wednesday, February 13th to 6AM ET on Friday, February 15th at 5AM ET.

Like last year, we’re not going to require a coupon code to receive the discount. We really hate games with sales. It is simple – you buy, we apply the discount, and you get a custom fit from your favorite strappy clothes.

To recap:

Annual Sale

2/13 6AM ET to 2/15 5AM ET

20% off the entire site (excluding gift certificates)

No coupon required!

Although our sale will technically be 47 hours long, it only happens once a year. Don’t miss your chance to stock up and save. Bathing suit season is in full swing/right around the corner – depending on your hemisphere! Your straps deserve a little love this Valentine’s day.

Woman in a black dress leaning backwards with her arms over hear head, with red streamers coming from behind her, text get a second chance at love with 20% off, all day Feb 21st get 20% off everything on the website

Come Sale Away with Us on February 21st!

NOTE: We’re giving you a second chance at love this year!  Our annual sale will be on February 21st this year!

It’s time for our annual sale! If you’ve been a fan of The Strap Saver for a long time, you know the drill. We’re not a fan of price manipulators with gimmicks, but we do love a good deal. We don’t love faux holidays so we’ll give you something real to love – 20% off of the Strap Saver!

We’ve worked hard to improve the sale over the years. First, we required coupon codes.  It’s a marketing tactic, so that companies can trace where their advertising is most effective. We’ve decided if we’re going to have a sale, we’re going to make it accessible to all. Second, I don’t think we’ve made sure to cover all time zones although we’ve tried.  In the last year, we’ve shipped to 4 continents, so we’re going to cover February 21st around the world, from morning in Auckland to the end of the day in Hawaii.  This may mean that some of you get more than one day to shop our sale, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take. Every Kiwi is just as important as every resident of the USA.

This is your chance to STOCK UP AND SAVE.  Much like Valentine’s Day, it’s a once a year event. Unlike this Hallmark holiday, once it’s gone, you’ll regret that you didn’t act now!

Don’t forget that you’re shopping for a cause!  5% of your sale goes to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Through March 31, 2018, all donations will be matched, included every purchase from this sale, so buy a lot to give a lot!

back of a woman who is not wearing a shirt with her thumbs under her tan bra straps pulling them away from her shoulders text reads stopping slippage

Stop Slipping Strap Savers

Occasionally we hear from customers about slipping Strap Savers, usually shortly after we send out their order. Consider that we advertise that they stop clip creep, this is not the intended outcome! First-time installation of Strap Savers can be tricky and it’s easy to make a mistake. (Luckily, though, once most customers understand how to install them, they can easily repeat the process.)

If Strap Savers are slipping, it’s usually because they are installed upside down. This is not the easiest concept to explain across cyberspace, but I’ll give it a try!

If your Strap Savers are slipping, they may be installed upside down, like this:

The loop from the adjuster is hooked through the top/smaller part of the s and the strap runs through the wider/bottom part of the s.

An incorrectly installed Strap Saver

Correct installation:

The loop from the adjuster is hooked through the bottom/wider part of the s and then the other piece of the strap is woven through the bottom/wider part and then the top/narrow part.

For additional instructions, check out our step-by-step installation videos. For customers that are still having trouble, we’re happy to do a video chat and demonstrate it one-on-one. Please contact us.

We have only found a few situations where they do not work – either the straps are too thin or too thick (or wider than 1″). If you have purchased Strap Savers, cannot install them, and this doesn’t solve your issue, let us know. We would like to work with you to troubleshoot and find a solution. If we can’t find one, you can return them for a full refund (minus any priority shipping).

As always, we hope that we you will love The Strap Saver as much as we do!


GREAT NEWS!  For first three months of 2018, donations from The Strap Saver to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will be matched, up to $5000. This means that we will raise $1.50 for the first Strap Saver in every purchase and $1.00 for each additional Strap Saver.  We have a chance to make a big contribution in a short period of time, so let’s get shopping!  Offer expires March 31, 2018.

a blonde woman looking at the camera through a magnifying glass with the text straps undercover

Does A Stitch In Time Save Anything?

We’ve often talked about using the dry cleaners to alter straps as an alternative to The Strap Saver. We’ve mentioned how it might be inconvenient or expensive. I decided to go undercover (not really) when I went to my favorite, Ace French Dry Cleaners in Manalapan, to get some pants hemmed and get the answers!

I spoke with Chris, one of the owners. He said that he does get asked to shorten straps and the price and time depends on the garment. If it has an adjuster and the seam is easy to reach, it can cost approximately $8 for both straps. If it doesn’t and/or the seam is harder to find, it’s  approximately $12.1 It can take anywhere from a day to three days, depending on need and the requirements of the job. The prices can vary, of course, depending on the fabric, turnaround time and intricacy of sewing needed. It sounded reasonable to me, considering all that it takes to make a bra. Pulling it apart and putting it back together nicely can’t be easy.

As he and I were chatting, we did a quick compare and contrast.

The Dry Cleaner was better/more cost-effective for:

  • A one-time adjustment
  • An event that is happening in just a day or two.
  • If the bra or bathing suit has very thick or wide straps (wider than 1”)
  • You can also get your favorite dress altered to fit you perfectly at the same time (Ace saved my favorite formal wear!)

However, The Strap Saver became the winner in other circumstances:

  • It shortens more than one bra/bathing suit/tank top. The Strap Saver can be moved from bra to bra as needed, daily.
  • It leaves the strap adjustable, allowing for continued shortening
  • The stainless steel construction means that it will outlive many bras/bathing suits/etc.  It’s a solution that will be around for years to come.  
  • You don’t have to leave your house to get it! (my favorite – it takes me a long time to take stuff there and longer to pick it up…)

Some may think I’m crazy for praising “the competition”. I think it’s about finding the best way give the customer a custom fit. Also, I don’t think we’re exactly the same. It all depends on the need at the time and garment. If your strap issues fall in category 1, find your local seamstress or dry cleaner (If you are in the central NJ area and , I recommend Ace!). If not, might I suggest picking up The Strap Saver to cure your strap woes?


1Your mileage may vary.  Consider that this estimate is from Central New Jersey, halfway between New York City and Philadelphia.

a wire hanger with a paper cover that reads we heart our customers

Your Call Is Very Important To Us

We’ve had some pretty wild adventures in customer service since we opened 3 years ago. Sometimes we feel we never know what is going to happen next so we are very lucky that most of our customers are wonderful. Last week, we received some spontaneous praise before a customer tried the product:

Murphy’s Law: Find out what I have needed all my bra wearing life at 71 years old

Since I know how well it works, I know she’s going to be happy with our product once she receives it. She even promised to spread the word to her fellow “top-heavy grandmas”. We’re grateful to every one of you that shares your opinion of The Strap Saver. (assuming it’s good, of course! Just kidding, mostly. If you have negative feedback, we hope you’ll tell us so that we can make improvements.)

We’ve had customers let us know that their experience was less than stellar, as well. Andrea let us know that The Strap Saver wasn’t working for her.  The conversation lead to the introduction of a new version of the product. It serves another segment of the strap-wearing public and we love it. The 1” Black Extra-Strength Strap Saver is one of our top sellers.

There have been some other, harder to solve mishaps. We have one package sent priority that has been bouncing around Canada since the middle of July. We’re not sure where it is currently. Once we realized it was lost, we refunded the priority shipping immediately and re-sent her order regular mail. If the first package ever arrives (I have my doubts), it’s hers to keep. I’ll also file a claim with the post office in another week. (the joys of owning a business, endless paperwork!)

Our first goal with customers who contact us with an issue is to troubleshoot. Typically, the problem is installation and we’ve found ways to help. We’ve exchanged photos, talked on the phone and offered video chats. So far, no one has taken us up on that!

The Strap Saver doesn’t always work for the intended application. Sometimes the straps are too thick or the customer doesn’t like how it looks. In those cases, the customer returns the product and we issue them a refund. It’s not our favorite end to the story, and luckily it’s a very small amount, but our #1 goal is to make the customer happy. Maybe The Strap Saver didn’t work for them, but we know it’s a quality product, so hopefully they will buy it or recommend it to a friend in a different scenario.

Luckily, when problems do arise, most of our customers are understanding. I think it’s because we operate by the golden rule1.  I think about how I would want a company to treat me and act accordingly. We ship 90% of orders the next day. We try to respond to all questions and concerns within 24 hours (often less). I think we’ve received as many compliments on our service as we have on our product.

Your call IS very important to us. As is your text (914.266.2349). Or any time that you contact us via email. Please, continue to let us know how you’re doing or if we can improve The Strap Saver for you in any way.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  It’s as simple as that.

1no, not she who has the gold makes the rules, but if we ever get the gold, we’re certainly making “do unto others…” the rule!

two envelopes, one black and one hot pink, a strap saver glued to a card and a satin package with the text change can be good

Check Out the Size Of Our Package!

Things are always evolving in the Strap Saver Think Tank – we’re always trying to improve our product and our process. Today, it’s all about what the product looks like when it arrives in your mailbox.

It started with rogue Strap Savers. Yes, these are tiny parts and it’s easy to forget to slip one in an envelope or to have one go astray when open the package. To combat this, instead of just popping them inside of our signature pink bags and sending them on our way, we are now securely attaching them to cards sealed inside of plastic bags.  Now the packager and the customer can double-check that their order is complete. If there are any discrepancies, we can fix them ASAP!1

Once we attached them to cards, the entire package was much flatter, which made me wonder if we could use paper envelopes instead of bubble mailers. The bubble mailers are pretty, but it’s so much plastic. It felt icky for mother earth and since our new packaging added a layer of plastic around the card, I had hoped that we could do better.

Ask the internet and ye shall receive! (this time, anyway…) We found these beautiful #7 coin envelopes in 80 lb paper that come in sexy black, just like our bubble mailers.  Even though the new envelopes are much smaller (6.5” X 3.5”), compared to the bubble mailers (7.5” X 5”), they still fit up to 3 pairs of Strap Savers. Overall, it feels like a win-win-win! (us, the customers and the environment!) Don’t worry – each package still comes with our hand silk-screened pink bags for Strap Saver storage. After all, this started because these things are easy to lose!

I was nervous when we realized we’d have to make these changes.  I was concerned that it would take a long time to figure out, that it would cost a lot of money and/or that I would be unhappy with how the solution looked to the customer. Overall, it took us a few weeks and I think we have something even better at a comparable price. One more obstacle conquered on the road to success!

1Our Return Policy is the same. Customers can always exchange their Strap Savers for any size/color/strength if they have ordered incorrectly, or return the product for a full refund – minus any additional shipping – within 30 days – if they aren’t 100% satisfied

a woman on a dock looking at the water during a sunrise with the text get ready for fun in the sun

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit for 2017

It's time for 2017 swimsuit seasonI spent a considerable amount of time this afternoon trying to curate a decent article on swimsuit styles this season for our social media feeds. Considering it either is, or soon will be, hot enough to wear one in most of the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d have no problem (here comes the assume thing).  All I found were slide shows of teeny bikinis and one-pieces with more cutouts than fabric. The one common factor is that most would require you to become BFFs with a very skilled waxer. I even found an article that classified bathing suits by age.

Oh, FFS1, people.

I know it’s intimidating to go out with half of our body showing – especially when there are others who are very comfortable with most of their body showing (and look lovely doing it!).  It has never been easy for me. (swim shorts = best swim invention ever)  When I was younger, I worried about the size of my butt and my thighs. Now, it’s gravity. (cruel, cruel gravity!)

It took a lot of re-framing (and the wisdom of age) to change my perspective. Unlike all of these fashion articles, I now treat my swimsuits like a vehicle to fun. If I want to get in the pool to cool off, I need one. If I want to go to the beach to hang with friends and surf the waves, I need one. If I want to go snorkeling and see the pretty fishies, I need one. It’s not about being on display for anyone, it’s about getting to the good times.

I guess putting that in print  or on the internet doesn’t make anyone money. Fashion magazine would be out of business if they admitted that we are not the sum of our clothes. Since the “experts’ couldn’t do something that I felt I could pass on to you, here’s my real world bathing suit shopping advice (my expertise: being a woman and shopping for 30+ years):

  1. Buy something pretty/in a color your like.  If not, black works!
  2. If you truly are having issues with how you look, ruching is a fabulous invention.
  3. Try to find something that isn’t wedgie-prone (unless, of course, that’s your thing)
  4. Look for a zipper pocket. My swim shorts have these, I never realized how useful it could be…
  5. If you aren’t about a bikini, try the tankini – merely for ease during a trip to the bathroom (some stores sell tops in extra-long, so it looks like a one-piece without getting fully naked in a public restroom when nature calls)
  6. Don’t be afraid to buy separates – even from different stores.  Black bottoms go with everything.
  7. Do not wait!  By July, most of the selection is gone.
  8. If you hate the way that it looks and ruching doesn’t help, try to imagine all of the fun you’ll be having when you’re wearing it. If anyone judges you, isn’t it really on them?  Who are they to decide what you get to wear and how you have fun?
  9. If your straps aren’t adjustable, check out The Strap Saver for a custom fit without sewing.

What are your favorite “real world” swimsuit shopping tips?

Happy warmer weather everyone!


1This is officially the first time I’ve cursed in this blog. It takes fashion sites and swimsuit season to do it!

two stainless steel strap savers, perfect because it's strong, and safe for sensitive skin

What’s the Deal with Stainless Steel?

We had many choices when it came to materials for The Strap Saver. There are a plethora of metals and plastics at several different price-points. Our options felt endless but our goals were clear.  We wanted our product to be:

  • strong (after all, boobs are heavy!)
  • for everyone, even customers with sensitive skin.
  • made of something that would hold up to sweat, salt water and chlorine. (we’re active people and we need a product to keep up with us!)

When our smart engineers explained the benefits of stainless steel, it became the obvious choice. It’s light, strong, resistant to corrosion and plentiful. It was not, however, the cheapest but building the best product possible was the more important. We chose the most popular type – 304. It is also known as 18/8, which is imprinted on the back of most silverware.

For the science nerds, stainless steel usually contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It’s the chromium (mostly) that keeps it from rusting. (that’s the short answer, for more information, here’s the long answer.) For the history geeks, stainless steel has been around in some form since the early 1800s. (for the record, I’m all nerd and geek…)

It’s the perfect material because it helps us to build a quality product. We hate that so much that so much that we buy is disposable. Stainless steel will outlast several bras and bathing suits.1 The Strap Saver should not wear-out or be affected by sweat, the ocean, or the pool.

Bring out your shineAlthough it does contain some nickel, all stainless steel is classified as hypoallergenic.  The process of making it involves chemically binding the nickel so tightly that it cannot leach out.  Customers with sensitive skin should feel comfortable giving us a try.  (If there are any issues, we do have a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Stainless steel can also be beautiful and shiny (see: top of the Chrysler building) in addition to strong. We think it’s a great symbol for those of us behind The Strap Saver and those of you that use it.  (minus the susceptibility to fingerprints!)


1We cannot guarantee it against if they are misplaced, which is probably the #1 reason they’d need to be replaced.  Strap Savers are small.  The best we can do is offer those pretty pink bags to keep track of them!

the back of a woman wearing a bra stra holding a flower with the text get good fit

How to Tighten Bra Straps

A tutorial on How to Tighten Bra StrapsHow to Tighten Bra Straps

If you need to corral bra straps that snake their way down your arms, look no further than our simple tutorial:

  1. Find that little plastic or metal slider on your strap. It’s usually found along the back and often looks like an 8 or   ⃠. (Not all bras have one. If yours doesn’t, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!*)
  2. After some effort, realize this little clip is too far for you to reach without taking off of your bra, which means taking your shirt off too.
  3. Take off your shirt.
  4. Take off your bra.
  5. Adjust the strap by sliding the clip away from where the strap loops through the ring. This will make the strap smaller. (doubling the strap)
  6. Put the bra back on.
  7. Notice that you’ve made your straps uneven.
  8. Take the bra off, again.
  9. Even out the straps.
  10. Put the bra back on.
  11. Unfortunately, your straps are now too tight, you’ve aligned to the wrong slider.
  12. Take the bra off, for a third time.
  13. Loosen them a little, but definitely keep them even this time.
  14. Put the bra back on.
  15. Woo hoo!  No more loose straps.
  16. Put on your shirt, hope you didn’t smudge your makeup, get deodorant on your shirt or muss your hair and now you’re free to go…  except…

What if you have reached the end of your strap? What if you need to tighten your bra strap more but there is no more?

  • You could pin it. (the potential for sticking yourself is pretty high, at least the potential for us sticking ourselves is VERY high)
  • You could sew it. (Do you know how to sew?  Won’t that make it bulky?  How short do you make it? Do you even own a needle and thread? *cough* we don’t!**)
  • You could use The Strap Saver. It’s the no-sew solution for when you hit a strap dead-end, but don’t want to give up on your beloved bra. (Plus, they banish Clip Creep! No more starting the day with a snug strap, only to have it loosen as you take care of the business that you do.)

We think that The Strap Saver is an essential part of learning how to tighten bra straps, and it can be your perfect-fit hero.

Learn how to tighten bra straps properly and make those slithery beasts stay in place!  For extra tightening, get a Strap Saver to rescue your favorite lingerie.

[maxbutton id=”2″]       [maxbutton id=”2″ text=”Buy Now” url=””]

*If your bra doesn’t have an adjuster, use the Double Strap Saver Solution.

**We = Shari.  And I do.  But I’m not really allowed to use it.  Have I ever mentioned I’m a klutz?  Another blog for another time…  Beth does own a needle and thread.  She’s quite good with crafts.  I do not mean to disparage her reputation here or anywhere else.

Red bra on a clothesline with clothespins with hearts on them, text reads fall in love with our sale

Be Our Valentine with 20% off!

Fall in Love with our Valetine's Day Sale

Woo hoo!  It’s Valentine’s Day so it’s time to celebrate love! After preaching all year about how we need to learn to love ourselves, we’re going to offer more than just helpful advice.  It’s time for our annual sale!

We all feel better when we look better and few things make us look better than a custom fit. The Strap Saver can help you achieve that. Maybe it’s the bra the keeps the girls at just the right height. It could be the tank top that has one neckline under a jacket for work and another when worn to the club. Another option is that perfect little black dress that would otherwise be too low-cut for comfort. There’s always the chance to get another season out of that bathing suit that makes your boobs AND your butt look great. Or, the workout that’s made painless with extra support. The opportunities are endless for your favorite strappy clothes. (We’re ‘the product that keeps you perky’ for a reason!)

While we’re not fans of “traditional” Valentine’s Day (The price of roses and chocolate shouldn’t inflate because of Hallmark’s say-so), we are fans of you. We know you deserve that custom fit so we’re offering 20% off The Strap Saver1. That means the first pair is only $12 and each additional pair is only $8. Standard shipping is still free in the United States ($2 International) and orders come with our 30-day money-back guarantee. The sale runs all day on February 14th – use coupon code VDSALE.  This only happens once a year – so don’t miss out!

1The discount is on merchandise only and excludes gift certificates.