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Waiting for the Summer Harvest

Lately, it’s becoming been harder and harder to keep up with this blog. It’s not that I don’t have things to say – we all know I never am lacking words. It’s just that the ones that I do have don’t feel right. I try to take care to speak in a light, funny (at least to me!) way, even for more serious topics. Right now my jokes feel flat.

It’s not because the business isn’t going well – it is. I’m caught up on the books! (promise kept, so far anyway!) We’re moving forward with new ideas for social media and paid search campaigns. Our communications channels are strong and we’re sharing important messages that we think will interest our customers. Saving straps is a way of life! (nope, not really… but caring enough about how your clothes make you feel IS a way of life and The Strap Saver can be part of that.)

I’m definitely not done speaking. (Stop laughing. I might actually stop talking someday…) There are still so many subjects to explore. We’re working on the Top 10 Straps to Save. I have another blog about what it’s like to have a breast MRI (spoiler alert: my results were clear) I am working on a few additional installments of “Bras Around the World” but I’m not sure I’m doing this with my usual joie de vivre – and frankly, I don’t want risk boring either of us.

I think I need a slightly less demanding blog schedule while I find my voice again. (unless you’re out there, Cindy, and you have a moment to ask Santa when you see him…) I don’t want the blog to go unattended and not say why. For now, I’m going to keep tending to the business – much like my newly planted container garden – and publishing when I can.  More to come once the flowers are in bloom and I fully reclaim my verbose, sarcastic self!

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How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit for 2017

It's time for 2017 swimsuit seasonI spent a considerable amount of time this afternoon trying to curate a decent article on swimsuit styles this season for our social media feeds. Considering it either is, or soon will be, hot enough to wear one in most of the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d have no problem (here comes the assume thing).  All I found were slide shows of teeny bikinis and one-pieces with more cutouts than fabric. The one common factor is that most would require you to become BFFs with a very skilled waxer. I even found an article that classified bathing suits by age.

Oh, FFS1, people.

I know it’s intimidating to go out with half of our body showing – especially when there are others who are very comfortable with most of their body showing (and look lovely doing it!).  It has never been easy for me. (swim shorts = best swim invention ever)  When I was younger, I worried about the size of my butt and my thighs. Now, it’s gravity. (cruel, cruel gravity!)

It took a lot of re-framing (and the wisdom of age) to change my perspective. Unlike all of these fashion articles, I now treat my swimsuits like a vehicle to fun. If I want to get in the pool to cool off, I need one. If I want to go to the beach to hang with friends and surf the waves, I need one. If I want to go snorkeling and see the pretty fishies, I need one. It’s not about being on display for anyone, it’s about getting to the good times.

I guess putting that in print  or on the internet doesn’t make anyone money. Fashion magazine would be out of business if they admitted that we are not the sum of our clothes. Since the “experts’ couldn’t do something that I felt I could pass on to you, here’s my real world bathing suit shopping advice (my expertise: being a woman and shopping for 30+ years):

  1. Buy something pretty/in a color your like.  If not, black works!
  2. If you truly are having issues with how you look, ruching is a fabulous invention.
  3. Try to find something that isn’t wedgie-prone (unless, of course, that’s your thing)
  4. Look for a zipper pocket. My swim shorts have these, I never realized how useful it could be…
  5. If you aren’t about a bikini, try the tankini – merely for ease during a trip to the bathroom (some stores sell tops in extra-long, so it looks like a one-piece without getting fully naked in a public restroom when nature calls)
  6. Don’t be afraid to buy separates – even from different stores.  Black bottoms go with everything.
  7. Do not wait!  By July, most of the selection is gone.
  8. If you hate the way that it looks and ruching doesn’t help, try to imagine all of the fun you’ll be having when you’re wearing it. If anyone judges you, isn’t it really on them?  Who are they to decide what you get to wear and how you have fun?
  9. If your straps aren’t adjustable, check out The Strap Saver for a custom fit without sewing.

What are your favorite “real world” swimsuit shopping tips?

Happy warmer weather everyone!


1This is officially the first time I’ve cursed in this blog. It takes fashion sites and swimsuit season to do it!

So many different articles about boobies, so little time

Who Knew There Were So Many Articles About Boobies?

So many different articles about boobies, so little time

When we first established our online social media presence, we thought we would be posting twice a week, once with this blog and once with another article related to our themes: boobies, the latest in lingerie, body image and breast cancer education.  I worried that it might be a struggle to come up with more than one a week.

I underestimated the internet.  It was a foolish thing to do and in hindsight, I wonder what I was thinking.  OF COURSE the internet is preoccupied with boobies.  Isn’t that why the internet was made?  It turns out that there’s so much content that we’re only publishing a portion of what we’re seeing.  We want to make sure that everything that we share is as interesting and engaging as this blog (HA!).

Instead, we’re now publishing content approximately every other day.  Although there’s a lot of it, curating content is not an easy task.  It’s about finding reputable and interesting sources – with engaging images – that will capture your attention and hopefully add something to your life.  This past year we’ve learned about a fishing-rod toting bra thief, a life saving bra, a cat with a bra problem and learned what your bra says about your personality.  I’m sure each and every one of these articles have had a significant impact on your well-being (where’s that sarcasm font?).

Choosing which to share can be tough.  We want to tell real stories of breast cancer survival and give important information, but we know it can be a depressing subject.  Even body image issues can get heavy (no pun intended!).  We’d like to keep things light (because boobies can be really funny) and inspirational but it’s not always possible with so many important topics to discuss.  It’s a constant balancing act.  Of course, we know your life would not be complete if you didn’t know that the way that you put on your bra is the window to your personality.

As with every time we speak, we don’t want to abuse your attention, or you’ll just tune us out.  (we all know that one company that sends you sales EVERY DAY.  Some of us love to shop.  But not EVERY DAY.  And one person out there is saying – speak for yourself! – there are exceptions to every rule…)  We want to respect your time and your willingness to read our content.

We hope we’re doing a good job at keeping you entertained and informed about all things strap/boob/bra related.  We’re going to continue to try.  If not, is there a specific type of content that you’d like to see?