installing the strap saver

The Fastest Way To Shorten A Strap Without Sewing


The Strap Saver is not only the best no-sew strap shortening solution because it keeps your strap adjustable, it’s also the fastest way to shorten a strap. It takes just a few flicks of the wrist to get a custom fit for your favorite bras, bathing suits and other strappy clothes.

Our how-to videos are awesome, but they show us adjusting straps step-by-step, in slow motion. It appears to take some time, when, in fact, it happens in just seconds.  You just pull the thing through the other thing (no, that’s not the technical term for it), make a loop and attach your Strap Saver!   For more detailed information on attaching The Strap Saver to your straps, see our instructions and how-to videos.

Check out our 4 sizes, 3 colors and 2 strengths – you won’t be able to resist a race against the clock to shorten your own straps.

How much can The Strap Saver shorten your straps?

How Much Can The Strap Saver Shorten A Strap?

How much can The Strap Saver shorten a strap?Last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Kimmay (of Hurray Kimmay <- yeah, I’m cool like that*) and she surprised me when she asked just how much The Strap Saver could shorten a strap.  I will admit, I had never thought to take a specific measurement. We simply describe it with the comparison of “the built-in adjuster doubles the strap and The Strap Saver triples the strap”. I’ve never used a ruler to check.

So, because I always loved science in school and I’m a bit of a math geek, I’m going to treat this as I would have an experiment…  in 3rd grade.  Hey, it will get the job done.

Purpose: To compare the length of a strap without being shortened, shortened by the built-in adjuster and shortened by The Strap Saver.

Hypothesis: The Strap Saver will shorten the strap more than more than the built-in adjuster.

Experiment:  Measure my bra strap! Tighten my strap with the built-in adjuster and measure the strap! Tighten my bra strap with a Strap Saver and….  you get the point.

Analysis: My bra bra strap is 22 cm long. (Science is always measured in the metric system, right?) It shortened to 12.7 cm with the built-in adjuster.  It shortened to 8.4 cm with The Strap Saver.


The Strap Saver reduced my strap 4.2cm, which is 1.68 inches. It will add approximately 3-4 adjustments, assuming most of my adjustments are approximately ½ inch or less. This can add up to 6 months (or more) to the life of my bra.**

It’s better news for my straps without adjusters, The Strap Saver was able to reduce my strap by 13.6cm (5.4 inches).  Although this is the Single Strap Saver Solution, the Double Strap Saver Solution gives a similar result.  My tank tops, dresses and other strappy clothes will have an entirely new fit while staying adjustable.

And, of course, Strap Savers are built to last a lifetime. When my bra is finally stretched beyond repair or my tank top is out of style (or, more likely, I’ve spilled ice cream, or wine, or both, down the front), the no-sew strap shortening solution can be moved to my next top or bathing suit or dress!

Buy your own set of Strap Savers and let us know the result of your own experiment!

*how to ruin any semblance of coolness in 5 words or less….
**your mileage may vary, every bra, every strap is different!


The Strap Saver can stop clip creep

Do You Suffer From Clip Creep?

The Strap Saver can stop clip creepYou could be a victim of clip creep and not even know it!

Have you ever adjusted your bra strap in the morning and by the end of the day, it’s sliding off of your shoulders? If so, clip creep may be the cause! Did your bathing suit fit fine when you headed out to the beach but you almost lost it when you were clobbered by that big wave? If so, clip creep may be the culprit.

What are the common signs?

  • Constant tugging on straps in the afternoon
  • The girls are further south than they were this morning and you’ve only just arrived at the office
  • Your bra held when you got on the dance floor, but while you’re doing the bus stop, your boobs are doing the hustle

If you haven’t figured it out, clip creep is a phenomenon where your bra shoulder strap clip has a mind of its own and starts to wander throughout the day. With its insidious nature, clip creep makes your strap longer and robs you of the support you deserve. Well, suffer no more!

In addition to shortening straps, The Strap Saver also prevents clip creep. Our patent-pending design works with the fabric of the strap to stay in place, unlike the built-in adjuster. Using The Strap Saver will give you a firm hold all day long and keep your straps from slipping. No more unsightly bra strap rearranging during meetings at work. The girls will be as perky when you leave the bar as when you arrived! Fading support throughout the day will be a thing of the past! Banish clip creep forever with The Strap Saver.

The Strap Saver Extra Strength

Saving the Straps on a Sports Bra

The Strap Saver Extra StrengthDisclaimer: This review was written by a family friend who was given the product for free. All opinions are the writer’s own. The writer is also really smart and potentially a future President of the USA – I’m hoping some free product might put me on the short list to get a tour of the Oval Office. Yes, I know this may be considered pay-for-play, but calm down everyone, I’m not asking to be made the official strap shortener of the USA, it’s just a tour.

The Strap Saver 1” is not only for women who wear larger cup sizes, but also people who prefer sports bras.  I wear sports bras regularly, whether I’m working out or just laying around the house all day.  Because of this, they get stretched out and wear down quickly.  And sports bras almost never come with adjustable straps- it just is what it is.  When the straps don’t fit right, the bra doesn’t compress and support like it’s supposed to.  The Strap Saver is a fantastic idea that could potentially fix this issue for good so I wouldn’t have to keep throwing out sports bras because the straps were too stretched out to support my chest.

7e583d5bf983433abc1cc77caa3d34c1The Strap Savers come in a tiny bag, small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to not lose.  The Strap Savers themselves are about the width of a quarter and made of a durable metal, resistant to bending or breaking.  They are metallic and blend in easily with any color straps.  For a bra that already has sliders, you only need one for each strap.  For a bra without, you can still use the Strap Saver by adding an extra one on each side and following the instructions for a bra without sliders.

I didn’t have much luck when trying it out on sports bras with wider straps because they were also thicker*, but on the thinner-strapped sports bras I have, The Strap Saver worked wonderfully.  On a sports bra, it is a little difficult to get on the first time, but the bag comes with instructions to aid you.  Once you get it the first time, it becomes much easier to get on and off.  You can leave it on one bra to fix the strap problem permanently, or you can take it on and off as you need and use it on all different bras.

afb0d2b1f49843929c117b7e8f1c7c62It is lightweight and smooth, so it doesn’t add any extra bulk to your bra strap.  Once it is on the bra, you can’t even feel it there.  It lifts up the front of the bra, enhancing the amount of compression the sports bra provides and ensuring that the straps stay up and in place. Once you put a shirt over the bra, there is no bulge or impression of the Strap Saver visible through your clothing.  It is an invisible, bra-saving solution.


*We’re aware of this issue and have sent our engineers off to find a solution!

Where is the Strap Saver Coupon Code?

Where is The Strap Saver Coupon Code?

Where is the Strap Saver Coupon Code?

Short answer:

We do not have a Strap Saver coupon code. We believe in offering a quality product at a fair price. Shipping is included because we hate finding out that shipping adds 25% to the total. We don’t like playing games with your money or our time by raising prices just to lower them. We do, however, have a 20% off sale once a year on February 14th because who doesn’t love an occasional sale? Mark your calendars!

Long answer:

When it comes to shopping, I love getting good deal. (you know, as opposed to those people who want to pay more for the same item! OY.) And retailers know it. The psychology of discounts has been studied and analyzed so little is left to chance. Despite our relentless demand for coupons, we still manage to get a boost of oxytocin (the modern thrill of the successful hunt?) when we find one.

To me, finding that discount is like loving Doritos. It’s going to happen. Doritos are scientifically engineered to be the perfect chip. Just assume an open bag is an empty bag and no one will be disappointed. As for coupons and discounts – not only should we not be surprised when we find them, I think we should be annoyed that we have to play the game to get the best price.They are always available for so many places! (I’m looking at you, Bed Bath & Beyond!*) A store is taking our money. Why are we the ones doing the work?

I want to operate The Strap Saver differently. You – our customers – are smart. You come to us because you have a bra or bathing suit that you want to make better. It would be unfair to take advantage of your need by randomly changing the price. I think you’d find it frustrating and I want you to trust us. I can only do that by being trustworthy.

But… but… but…. there IS a Strap Saver Sale! Yes, we do have a sale once a year, on Valentine’s Day. We announce it well in advance, treat it like a party and have FUN! I also get to mock my least favorite holiday and spread a little good cheer. The sale is for the customer who has tried our product and wants to stock up on a few extra pairs – or is thinking about trying and is concerned about the price.

So, you won’t find a Strap Saver coupon code on RetailMeNot or any other coupon website except for our once-a-year sale. When the time comes, you won’t have to hunt for it either. It will be all over our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media that we might have. (be sure to follow us so that you don’t miss it!)

To leave the sarcasm behind for a moment – I take the matter of selling The Strap Saver very seriously. If I’m asking you to give us your hard earned dollars, I will always treat both you and the transaction with respect, just as I would wish to be. We know you don’t have to buy our product but we are thrilled when you do. Thank you for putting your trust in us, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

And: Harbor Freight, New York & Company, AC Moore, Ann Taylor Loft, Kohls, Michaels, The Christmas Tree Shops, Harmons, Macy’s, Children’s Place, Payless…  to name a few!

The New easier-to-use Strap Saver shopping Cart

Buyer Be Aware: New Shopping Experience Ahead

AlssssThe New easier-to-use Strap Saver shopping CartHave you ever had something that you really didn’t like, but since it worked and you didn’t have the funds to fix it, you just lived with it? Well, guess what?! Our time has finally come! We pulled up the equivalent of our 70’s combo of burnt orange, avocado green, harvest gold and brown shag carpet* and put in some sleek new hardwood floors on our website. The real stuff too, not just a picture of wood!

Behold!  Our new shopping cart!

After months of a lousy interface, rounding errors, gift certificate glitches**, we now have a beautiful shopping and checkout experience.

The updated features include:

  • Choose a Strap Saver in 3 easy options: color, length, and strength
  • Pay directly with credit card (via secure connection) OR use PayPal
  • Create an account for faster checkout and to track order status
  • Order $10, $15 or $25 gift certificates easily
  • Choose your shipping option and see your final total before checkout
  • Prettier, easier-to-use interface

Could saving your straps with The Strap Saver be any easier?

We’ve also updated the FAQ to reflect the more commonly asked questions. We created sections so that answers are easier to find. We even added links to specific videos on the Viral Videos page, depending if you are looking for the Single or Double Strap Saver solution.  (no more of that pesky scrolling!) As always, if you can’t find an answer, please feel free to contact us.

Beth and I are very excited by our new look and want to thank those that helped us – Jena, Teri, Tiffany, Marc, the folks at WPEasyCart and last, but never least, the developer, Robert. His magic is taking Beth’s complicated designs and my wish list and turning it into a flawless, functioning site. It’s been a long time coming but we’re so happy with the results.

We’re not saying that shag carpet (or macramé wall decorations or plaid furniture) doesn’t have it’s place. It’s just not for us, not on our site.  Our customers deserve sleek and simple solutions, just like our product.

*you make think this is a silly reference, but I had this exact carpet in my bedroom as a child. I kept a piece of it – it’s in a box, somewhere.  If I ever find it, I will share a photo with you. It has to be seen to be believed.  (kind of like the bridesmaid dress)

**a customer could enter ANY series of characters into the gift certificate field – including boobies, courtesy of Marc, and get Strap Savers for as little as $1.  It doesn’t work now, so don’t bother trying :)

Get the perfect fit for your tank tops!

How To Shorten Tank Top Straps

Get the perfect fit for your tank tops!It’s finally warm here in New Jersey, which means it’s time to break out the summer wardrobe.  Many of us have been wearing our tank tops to work throughout the year under our blouses and cardigans but it’s finally time to set them free.  They are no longer a layering piece but a stand-alone garment so that our shoulders may finally see some sunshine.  Oh happy day!

Of course, the work/fun tank top has the same issue as the office party/club LBD – there are two kinds of neckline.  For the summer, there’s office neckline and beach neckline. The difference can be as little as 1 inch or as much as 4 or 5, depending on your dimensions and daring. Some tops come with adjusters (yay!) but many do not and that presents a problem. If you’re lucky enough to have the tank top fit one of the necklines, then what do you do about the other?  What if it’s the perfect color and it fits neither?  Even if you could sew, which neckline do you pick?  How does one shorten tank top straps one day and not the next? (Can you clickbait your own article?  You’ll never guess what we’ll suggest next!)

This is one of the reasons that we invented The Strap Saver! It’s the perfect no-sew solution for shortening straps while leaving them adjustable. It’s ideal for tank tops – widths starting at ¼ inch (6.35mm) will help adjust any top from the boardroom to the beach towel with ease. If the strap already has an adjuster and you need to tighten it further, try the 1-clip Strap Saver Solution but as most tank tops do not have adjusters, we devised the 2-clip Strap Saver Solution.

Check out the video on how it works:

We recommend regular-strength strap savers for tank tops unless they include shelf bras – but really, who are we kidding?  Regular-strength Strap Savers are great for up to 40DDD.  Anyone over a B-cup probably laughs at those built-in “bras” (well, at least we do!) and pairs it with real support.  If those work for you, more power to you.  (we’re mostly just a little jealous)

Woman balancing her arm to show the strength of The Extra-Strength Strap Saver, As powerful as you are

The Extra-Strength Strap Saver

Woman balancing her arm to show the strength of The Extra-Strength Strap Saver, As powerful as you are

Editor’s note: The Extra-Strength Strap Saver is now available in 3/4″ and 1″ in all 3 colors: Black, Tan and Metallic! Run, don’t walk, to buy yours right now!

Once upon a time we had a wonderful customer – we’ll call her Andrea – that emailed us and said “my Strap Savers bent – is that supposed to happen?”.  Wait, WHAT?  They aren’t supposed to bend! She was very kind and described her situation and we let her know – quite clearly – that is not how they work.  We were determined to get to the bottom of the situation and make it right for her.

Andrea was very helpful – first sending us photos and then returning the product.  We sent her another set with the same result.  Thanks to the laws of physics, it turns out that our ¾” and 1” Strap Savers can only take so much force and hold a finite amount of weight.  As making our customers happy is our number #1 priority – they’re the boss – we went back to the labs to solve this new problem.

Thanks to the help of our engineers, we developed The Extra-Strength Strap Saver – and had it tested. The regular ¾” Strap Saver will only hold about 3lbs of weight, so we’re only recommending for regular bras and bathing suits up to a size 40DD, tank tops and light dresses. (Your mileage may vary, boob weight is not an exact science!) The ¾” Extra-Strength Strap Saver will hold up to 10lbs of weight and we think it will work best on regular bras and bathing suits size 40DDD and larger, sports bras and heavy dresses.  If you’re having problems with your regular Strap Saver, let us know and we’ll exchange it for the new Extra-Strength Strap Saver.

We sent Andrea the very first pair of Extra-Strength Strap Savers to try, after all, she’d earned it by being so helpful. We were delighted to get her response:

“I just wanted to let you know that I wore the new Strap Savers the other day and I was SO impressed! They didn’t budge – stayed in place and didn’t bend AT ALL!!   Yaaaay!  So happy with them!“

Now that they’ve been field tested, we’re excited to offer Extra-Strength Strap Savers in ¾” and 1” to you in Metallic (more colors coming soon!) at the same price as regular Strap Savers – $15 for the first pair, $10 for each additional pair – feel free to mix and match – with free standard shipping in the US and just $2 additional to anywhere else in the world.  (Don’t forget, 5% of all sales go to Jill’s Wish!)*

To recap:

Regular Strap Savers: bras & bathing suits up to a size 40DD, tank tops & light dresses
Extra-Strength Strap Savers: bras & bathing suits size 40DDD & larger, sports bras & heavy dresses

Buy yours today!

Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending?


*As of 11/30/2017, 5% of all sales go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Scotch's Hold Tight Strap Clip doesn't have the strength of The Strap Saver

My Reaction to the Hold Tight Strap Clip

Scotch's Hold Tight Strap Clip doesn't have the strength of The Strap SaverA few weeks ago I was tweaking our SEO through keyword research and came across something surprising: a potential competitor – 3M’s Hold Tight Strap Clip. When Beth and I first came up with the idea for a no-sew strap shortening solution, I spent hours, if not days, searching online for an existing answer to the problem. Obviously, I proceeded to have a minor panic attack.  Once that was done, I thought of the quote from the Godfather 2 (which I haven’t seen – yeah, I know…) – Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I immediately ordered one on Amazon (I didn’t pay extra for overnight shipping, aren’t you proud?) and researched it as much as possible.

You may be wondering why I’m linking directly to the product.  After all of this research, I don’t think they are a competitor. I love 3M products and Scotch. Post-its are a staple in my life – and Scotch-Brite sponges are awesome.  I’m interested in trying some of the wardrobe products in the original blog that led me down this road.  (I think the Permanent Hem Bonding Tape will be useful, as we’ve already established that I don’t sew!) But… my original fear that this was serious competition no longer seems valid.  (for the record, if it was serious competition, I’d let you know how/why we’re better or modify our product to beat the competition)

The Hold Tight Strap Clip on one of my favorite brasThe Hold Tight Strap Clip is made of semi-opaque plastic and is designed to keep the built-in adjuster from slipping. It works like a barrette and will accommodate up to a 3/4” strap. To it’s credit, it clips on very tightly.  When closed, the Hold Tight Strap Clip is slightly over 1” wide which gives it a significant footprint on 1/2″ and 1/4″ straps.  I didn’t feel it on the 1/2” strap of my bra, but it was easy to see under a fitted shirt. Much to my relief, I don’t think this would work well to shorten any strap.  It would become too bulky and the excess fabric would put stress on the joint. I don’t know how well the plastic would hold against this added pressure.

Another interesting part is that I tried the “product locator” on their website and I couldn’t find any within 100 miles of NYC. I wonder if they are discontinuing the product. This is another reason that maybe I should’ve thought twice before I panicked.  (hey, I’m not normally a drama queen but I’m pouring my heart and soul into this company, so I’m a little jumpy!  Deal with it :) ) And all of the reviews on their site – which were positive – came from people who got the product for free around 8 months ago. While I can’t knock exchanging reviews for product, I was surprised that there was no spontaneous praise.  I’m always so pleased when a customer takes the time to write to us. (Got more?  Feel free to send it our way!)  I’d have thought that there might be more for a Scotch product.

With all of the amazing products from 3M and their cool names  – I must say I’m a little disappointed in “Hold Tight Strap Clips”. Granted, it took us months to come up with “The Strap Saver”, but we’re just two women with a limited (read: nonexistent) budget. The packaging is pretty cool. Wasted, since it’s not reusable, like our awesome silk bags, but it is recyclable!

I can safely put my panic attack aside. The Strap Saver remains the only non-permanent way to shorten a strap without picking up a needle and thread that we’ve found on the market. (Found one?  Let us know! We’ll test it out.) The Hold Tight Strap Clip does exactly what it says. At $6 for 8 clips, it’s a great price if you only need to stop the built-in adjusters from moving and you don’t wear fitted clothes. If you’re looking for a virtually undetectable no-sew solution to shorten your straps while leaving them adjustable, The Strap Saver is the answer for you.

Have you ever stumbled across a competitor to a product you were selling?  What did you do?

The Strap Saver is the magic strap adjuster!

The Magic Strap Adjuster

The Strap Saver is the magic strap adjuster!

magic: the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural* forces.

mysterious: the characteristic of being kept secret or unknown

So, by definition(ish), magic is an appropriate way to describe this little wonder!

The Strap Saver is definitely mysterious. Most people can’t pick it out in a photo or find it in person when it’s on a bra.  Of course, it’s meant to be discreet.  It works within the profile of the strap so it’s comfortable to wear and stays hidden under clothing.  The elegant design and rounded edges pair seamlessly with most fabrics .  The color options of black, tan or metallic blend like camouflage into most situations.

As for influencing the course of events, it will influence your girls back where they should be! It is, by far, the best no-sew option for shortening any strap. Our patent-pending design allows for continued adjustment, unlike sewing, and the clip does not have to be removed to change the length.  It is also strong enough to hold it’s ground through a long day.  It will give you a custom fit every time, making it the perfect bra strap adjuster.

We all have those bras that we love – you know, the one that makes the girls look just right – that may need a little tune-up.  Grab a Strap Saver, say aBRAcadaBRA and *POOF* – it fits just like you remember.

ALSO – it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  In case you love it, in case you need a “lift” – we’re offering a special discount on the best bra repair and strap shortening for 24 hours only on February 14th – 20% off your purchase of Strap Savers** (COUPON CODE: HAPPYVD).

*Since we’re always truthful here, we make no claims on supernatural.  We don’t think we’re connected to that aspect of this world or any other – but if you are and it is, please let us know.  That will spark an entirely new marketing campaign!  (and if we are otherworldly, we promise not to raise our prices!)

**Coupon code is valid on the purchase of merchandise only.  Discount will not be applied to gift certificates.