$15 Strap Saver gift certificate

Support Your Friends!

It’s holiday shopping time and we recently had a meeting about a very important problem at The Strap Saver Think Tank. What if you want to share the joy of the season AND The Strap Saver but don’t know your sibling/significant other/child/coworker/favorite celebrity’s bra size? We thought that walking up to them, pulling out their bra strap and holding it up to a ruler would be a little awkward and possibly ruin the surprise. Hiring a group of ninjas to break into their home and measure their strap for you would be expensive, not to mention illegal*, and defeats one of the main purposes of our product. The end result is The Strap Saver Gift Certificate! Now you can share all of the glory and beauty of owning a Strap Saver without any of the embarrassment or risk of jail time. They can be purchased in denominations of $10 and $15, which works perfect with the pricing of $15 for the first pair, $10 for each additional pair. (don’t forget, standard shipping is always free in the US!) And, for you instant gratification (or last minute!) folks, the gift certificates are delivered instantly with your receipt for download. They never expire and any portion not used can be saved for a future purchase.

So, this holiday season, give a little support to your friends with the perfect gift for those saggy stockings.

*While the Strap Saver does not intent to disparage the use of Ninjas, we do not want to endorse the use of illegal activity. This would be WRONG. Otherwise, for all legal activity, The Strap Saver is an equal opportunity employer.