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What is The Strap Saver?

The Strap Saver shortens straps easily without sewing.This nifty device revives tired bras and breathes new life into your favorite bathing suits. (you know, the ones that made the girls look just right when they were brand new) It saves a trip to seamstress – or worse, missing out on a beloved article of clothing that boosted your confidence every time you wore it. The Strap Saver perfects dresses and tank tops by helping you to achieve that custom fit while leaving straps adjustable. Buy yours here.

My bra/bathing suit/tank top already has an adjuster, why do I need The Strap Saver?

Straps stretch over time (thanks, gravity!) and eventually tightening with the standard adjuster will not be enough. The Strap Saver allows the strap to be tripled, adding months to the life of your bra.

What’s the The Strap Saver made of?

The Strap Saver is made of ceramic-coated (black and tan) or uncoated (metallic) 18-gauge (Regular) or 14-gauge (Extra-Strength) stainless steel.  It’s very strong, designed to stand up to chlorine and salt water. Your Strap Saver will probably outlive many bras and bathing suits.

How much does the Strap Saver cost?

$15 for the first pair, $10 for each additional pair.  Standard First Class shipping is FREE in the United States and $2 International, regardless of the side of the order. Additional shipping options are available.

What colors do you sell?

Black, tan and metallic. We hope to add more colors in the future. Feel free to contact us and make a request.

Do you have clear Strap Savers?

We hope to have these for sale soon.


How do I measure my bra to find the correct sized Strap Saver?

The Strap Saver works with the part of your strap that has the adjuster, if you have one (that is the little clip on your strap that slides up and down to adjust the length). If not, there is a Double Strap Saver Solution. Measure the width of the strap next to the adjuster or, if there is no adjuster, measure the width of the portion of the strap that you’d like to shorten.

What is the difference between the Regular and Extra-Strength Strap Saver?

Extra-Strength Strap Savers are, well, stronger! (but cost the same) We recommend:

Regular: bras & bathing suits up to a size 40DD, tank tops & light dresses
Extra-Strength: bras & bathing suits size 40DDD & larger, sports bras & heavy dresses

How many Strap Savers should I order?

One set/order will shorten 2 straps with a built-in adjuster, using the Single Strap Saver Solution to shorten your strap. Two sets/orders will shorten 2 straps that do not have built in adjusters, using the Double Strap Saver Solution.

What if I order the wrong size or color?

Exchanges are free. Simply return your Strap Savers and we will exchange them for the desired size or color. Please follow the same instructions as you would for a return.


How do I install The Strap Saver?

See our Instructions or Videos.

Can I wash my bra with The Strap Saver installed?

Yes, but we recommend hand wash only, as for all of your lingerie. Although The Strap Saver is durable, small parts can come loose and cause damage to your washer and dryer.

Can I reuse The Strap Saver?

Yes! The Strap Saver was created to be strong and have a long life. There’s a good chance that your Strap Saver will outlast several bras.

Is The Strap Saver only for bras?

No! You can use The Strap Saver to shorten straps on bathing suits, tank tops and other strappy clothes. Check out the instructions to see how.

Can I use this on my swimsuit? Or any other strap?

Yes, if your swimsuit has an adjuster you will only need the Single Strap Saver Solution to shorten the strap but if you do not have an adjuster you will need to use the Double Strap Saver Solution.


How much is shipping and when will my Strap Savers arrive?

We usually process all orders within 48 hours and our shipping rates do not change, regardless of the number of Strap Savers that you order.

In the USA:
Standard First Class Shipping (usually 7-10 days, up to 4 weeks)  FREE
Priority Mail (3-4 days) $7
Expedited Shipping (2 days) $25

Domestic orders over $100 will automatically be upgraded to FREE Priority Mail shipping

Standard First Class Shipping (usually 2 weeks, up to 6 weeks) $2
Priority Mail (2 weeks) $25

International orders over $50 will be given FREE Standard First Class Shipping


Where do I find more information about your awesome Strap Saver for a story or just to spread the gospel of your amazing product?

Read our press release for The Strap Saver and our press kit for more information. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

How can I ask a question or make a suggestion?

Contact us.

How do I order The Strap Saver to sell in my store?

Please feel free to contact us for wholesale prices.


What is the exchange, return and refund policy?

You may exchange your Strap Savers for a different size or color or return them for a full refund within 30 days, minus any priority or international shipping. All returns must include the original packaging. Please contact us for an RMA prior to returning your product. We recommend adding a tracking number when shipping your product back to us. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we receive any exchange/return.

What are your website terms and conditions?

While we try and ensure that all details, descriptions and prices which appear on our Website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of any goods which you have ordered, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat the order as cancelled. If you cancel and you have already paid for the goods, you will receive a full refund.

What is your privacy policy?

We won’t sell your information, we don’t know how. If we ever learn, we promise not to sell it then either. We hate spam too!

The Single Strap Saver Solution

Shorten Straps with Adjuster

  1. Locate the rectangular or circular clip on the back of your bra strap and adjust the strap to its maximum length.
  2. step 1 illustration for single strap

  3. Pull your bra strap through one half of the rectangular or circular clip, creating a loop and shortening the strap to the desired length.
  4. step 2 illustration for single strap

  5. Place the top of the loop and the bra strap through the wide end of The Strap Saver
  6. step 3 illustration for single strap

  7. Hook the narrow part of The Strap Saver around your bra strap.
  8. step 4 illustration for single strap

The Double Strap Saver Solution

Shorten Straps without Adjuster

  1. Fold the bra strap into a z shape, shortening it to the desired length.
  2. step 1 illustration for double clip

  3. Pull the end of one of the loops of the bow and the bra strap through the wide end of The Strap Saver.
  4. step 2 illustration for double clip

  5. Hook the narrow part of The Strap Saver around your bra strap.
  6. step 3 illustration for double clip

  7. Repeat the same steps with the other loop.
  8. step 4 illustration for double clip

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