Mission Statement: To produce high-quality, cost-effective audio, whether it be production or postproduction work, and to tailor it our clients' needs in a way that transcends ordinary sound quality and rises into the realm of the extraordinary.

What We Do

Our audio engineers have years of experience and dedication to our craft. We produce and engineer top quality national shows from multiple sources. We take on challenges daily and with obsessive fervor. We give you clarity. We do it intelligently. And we always -- always -- are cohesive.

Sure, we sound bold and we talk about our work. We're bold, however, because when we take on a project, we take on your worries, too. That's quite a responsibility. An awesome responsibility, really. We pledge to make sure that your project is where you need it, when you need it. In our collective experience, we've come across all of the problems and potential disasters you can think of, and we draw on those adventures and dramatic interludes to eradicate those issues. Like a frog in a fair maiden's headwear, we excavate the ugly to spoil you with the beauty.