Princess Products has provided services to clients such as:

  • The Discovery Channel
  • TLC
  • Reader's Digest
  • Info World
  • Monarch Communications
  • Fluid Motion Theatre and Film

“Shari's expertise with audio engineering and equipment has made turning out a quality podcast a reality for me. And although I like to think it's just me, Princess Productions is at least partially responsible for the wild popularity of the InfoWorld Daily.” -- Tom Sullivan, home page editor, InfoWorld.

“Shari has the innate ability to multi-task and complete meticulous projects in the utmost professional and timeliest manner!!” -- Shayna Smith, producer/writer, BET Radio Network

"When I was asked to co-anchor my company's podcast I warned one and all that I was an amateur. Thanks to their guidance, patience and brilliant editing, I was able to pull it off." -- Andrew Simmons, Senior Editor, Reader’s Digest

“Gives 100% to each and every job” -- Jason Stant, Seventh Wave Films