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Shari and Her Mom in Juneau, AK


As much as this blog is about The Strap Saver, body image and bras, it’s also about life and the path to success.  And much like the course of true love, it’s full of potholes and wrong turns.  Life rarely turns out the way that we expect.  I’ve been very private about something – and I thought it might be healthier for me if I shared.  Maybe some of you can relate.

In March, my mom lost her battle with breast cancer.  She was a wonderful, strong woman who was helpless against a terrible disease.  It’s been a tough few months and it had been a rough year before that.  Her health slowly declined and I did my best to see her as often as possible, even though she was 300 miles away.  Although I cursed it at the time, I don’t regret a moment that I spent fighting traffic, waiting in airports or stuck on trains going to see her.  Part of me still can’t believe she’s gone.

My mom was my biggest cheerleader.  She thought I could do anything – well, not sing.  Or be athletic.  Or do a decent job on my own hair. (and she was right) – but just about anything else.  She believed in The Strap Saver, too.  She loved hearing stories of the progress and was so excited at every milestone.  I launched the website while I was visiting her and she was thrilled as the number of visitors ticked up – even though we both knew it was only my friends.  When the cancer spread and she lost her sight, I’d read her these blog entries myself.

Just as her joy in The Strap Saver propelled me to put energy into the business when she was at her worst, missing her is making it tough to get started again.  But I also want to make this a success for myself, for her, for all of the people who are a part of the company and so that I can give back.  I’d like to eventually start a foundation and donate some of our profits to breast cancer research.  We can’t lose another beautiful woman to this disease.  So I must move forward.  It won’t be the same.  I can’t call her with every little joy or to help me worry over the tough decisions. It’s an adjustment that we all have to make because (although I hate clichés) life must go on.

I don’t know what I believe happens after we die.  Maybe she’s still here, maybe she’s not.  If it seems like I’m talking to someone in particular in some of my blog posts from now on – just in case, I thought I’d let you know why.

Love you, Mom!

4 thoughts on “The Strap Saver’s #1 Fan

  1. Reply KimH Apr 27,2015 10:11 am

    That was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Xo

  2. Reply Susan Bihun Apr 27,2015 1:34 pm

    That was beautiful Shari

  3. Reply Nina Meditz May 12,2015 7:03 am

    I’m so sorry for your loss and for the void it’s left in your life. I’ll tell you what I believe happens after we die. I believe our loved ones are looking down on us, protecting us, watching over us and know everything we are thinking and feeling. I believe your mom hasn’t left you, she is just a little further away than 300 miles. I talk to my mom and dad all the time. My mom was a big part of my life and I know even death isn’t going to stop her taking care of us . . . and I dare anyone to try and stop her.

  4. Reply Erica of A Sophisticated Pair May 12,2015 4:51 pm

    This was a really moving piece that resonates so much with me. My mom was my biggest cheerleader too (she also did not think I could sing and was right), and to not have that presence anyone hurts more than words can really do justice. You and your family are in my thoughts, and I am sending virtual hugs your way.

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